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Aug 25, 2006 05:47 PM

What is Ottawa's Best Restaurant?

I will be dining one night in Ottawa (on business) and would like to know where to go. I will be with a client who loves good food as do I.

Much thanks in advance.

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  1. I recommend you spend some time reading other threads on the board regarding Ottawa restaurants. You'll get a better idea of what is on offer, as this is a very broad request that has been asked many times before. It is difficult to answer without knowing your preferences and price range.

    That said, I would nominate Beckta as ideal for any sort of dinner for someone who likes good food. Check out their menu at:

    In response to a previous query, I wrote:

    Had a lovely dinner at Beckta last week - I much prefer it to par-fyum. As owner Stephen Beckta is a sommellier by training, the wine list is lovely - and both the wait-staff and Stephen will have good recommendations for matching a nice bottle or series of glasses with your food choices... it is one of the few restaurants where I let myself be guided by staff recommendations, and have yet to be disappointed.

    1. We were up in Ottawa from Toronto a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed Beckta's tasting menu. We spent a few hours and wondered where the time went. The staff were really professional and the food was excellent. It was by far my wife's favourite meal in the last year. It's not cheap, but it is worth every penny.

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        Couldn't agree more. We just moved to Toronto from Ottawa a couple of months ago and had our goodbye dinner there with some friends. Definately on the pricey side but well worth it.

      2. Parfyum is in-between chefs right now so I would avoid it. Supposedly Stephen Vardey is ending up there but this is to bee seen.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Ottawa Citizen today reports that Stephen Vardy is leaving Beckta to join parfyum on September.

            Mike Moffat, previously sous-chef at Beckta, will be taking over the kitchen at Beckta.