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Can't get into Per Se - Any other suggestions for anniversary celebration

Going with my late 50's parents who like a little pizzazz in their dining experience. They have enjoyed Bouley and Daniel with us because of the great rooms. Any help greatly appreciated.

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  1. Eleven Madison Park. All the buzz is around Daniel Humm right now and he's living up to it.

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      Wholeheartedly second that EMP recommendation. Chef Humm's cuisine is sensational, and the room is beautiful.


    2. If you're up for a short trip to Westchester I suggest Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Sure to be an excellent meal in a beautiful setting...

      1. EMP is very good, but if you aimed at Per Se it would make more sense to fall back on Alain Ducasse - where it's much easier to get a table.

        1. What about Jean-Georges? I love the dining room, even more than Daniel. And I've had two recent dining experiences that have been really terrific.

          I also really enjoy EMP. The room is dramatic and feels very NY.

          1. Restaurant Daniel. (Keller couldn't carry Boulud's jock strap.)

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            1. Also lovely is Aureole. Alain Ducasse, Bouley, Eleven Madison Park are good options as well.

              1. In my mad fury to praise and worship Chef Boulud, I didn't even notice that you've already taken your parents there. Still, it's better the second time around.

                That said, if you want to try someplace else, you can't really go wrong with Le Bernardin.

                1. Since your parents enjoyed Bouley, you may want to take them to Danube. Although I found the room a little dated, many describe it as one of the prettiest in the city.

                  1. I agree with the votes for Aureole, Eleven Madison Park and Danube. I also like Bouley, but you've been there already.

                      1. Danube is a good place. You can taste it in his food. How about Harry Cipriani?