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Aug 25, 2006 05:26 PM

Can't get into Per Se - Any other suggestions for anniversary celebration

Going with my late 50's parents who like a little pizzazz in their dining experience. They have enjoyed Bouley and Daniel with us because of the great rooms. Any help greatly appreciated.

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  1. Eleven Madison Park. All the buzz is around Daniel Humm right now and he's living up to it.

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    1. re: oysterspearls

      Wholeheartedly second that EMP recommendation. Chef Humm's cuisine is sensational, and the room is beautiful.

    2. If you're up for a short trip to Westchester I suggest Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Sure to be an excellent meal in a beautiful setting...

      1. EMP is very good, but if you aimed at Per Se it would make more sense to fall back on Alain Ducasse - where it's much easier to get a table.

        1. What about Jean-Georges? I love the dining room, even more than Daniel. And I've had two recent dining experiences that have been really terrific.

          I also really enjoy EMP. The room is dramatic and feels very NY.

          1. Restaurant Daniel. (Keller couldn't carry Boulud's jock strap.)

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