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Aug 25, 2006 05:02 PM

Bui Contemporary Vietnamese opening on Solano Ave. in Berkeley today

I was picking up some to-go food last night at Saigon City on Telegraph Ave. and remember that someone recently posted that they were moving, so I asked. Saigon City will remain there and serve dinner only. Bui Contemporary Vietnamese is opening today at 1647 Solano Aveneue in the old Bendean spot.

no website yet, but their card says it will be
(510) 528-8878

Another new vietnamese place looks to be opening a few blocks down on Solano as well.

I'm glad that they'll still be close to my home for dinners and think they will do well on Solano. The food and service is always enjoyable and the family that owns it is very nice.

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  1. Presumably Patrick Bui will be at the new spot?

    His food is really good, the place never seemed to be as crowded as it deserved. Seems like a better fit for Solano.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Yes, he will. I stuck my head in at the soft opening and Bui graciously turned me away.

    2. It will be interesting to see what kind of competitive dynamic evolves between Bui and Vanessa's Bistro, the new "Vietnamese tapas" place just up the street. The two places are somewhat similar in concept and cuisine: smallish, upscale, nouvelle Asian spots within 300 ft. of each other.

      1. Ate at Bui tonight. Kitchen doesn't have it together yet. Apps* were good but after 1&1/2 hour we needed to leave and our entrees had not yet been started. So if you want to experience it at its presumed best, wait to go. Cute thing: the waitress apologized and comped our wine. We hadn't gotten wine.

        *minus the tuna tartare I wanted--on the menu but they didn't have.