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Homemade Gummy Bears?

I think if I make homemade Gummy Bears my boyfriend will have no choice but to marry me.

But how?


Has anyone tried this or another recipe? More importantly, what to use as molds? They don't need to be pretty. Even drop shapes would work, but I don't think the recipe as written makes a mixture thick enough to make into drop/button shapes.

The idea of making a grooved rack by pressing aluminum foil into a baking rack sounds good. Gummi ropes could easily be cut into gummy worms.

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  1. I have a silicone penguin ice tray that would be perfect... little gummie penguins! I got it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond if they still have it!

    Edited to Add: it amazes me what you can find online sometimes! http://www.penguin-place.com/cgi-bin/...

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      LOL. I thought of those trays, but wasn't sure how appealing a gummy bear that big would taste. Then again, maybe to a gummy bear addict that would be HEAVEN.

      I know there are plastic molds at craft stores that are specifically for candy, but are there cheaper options? I'm not going to make a habit of this.

      I did not know they had penguin ones...I love penguins.

      1. re: Pei

        The penguins don't really seem to be that big to me...

        I hope you report back with pictures!

    2. Oh sweet love! I must try this recipe! Thanks Pei! I don't know about cheaper, but some Asian cooking equipment shops will carry some pretty plastic molds. I went to a sale and got a few at $3 each. I got hearts, cup shapes, and some anime shapes.

      At home, you could partially fill your regular ice tray. Or partially fill your mini muffin tin to make small coins. Use your big muffin tin to make gummy medals. You could poke a hole then thread a ribbon through and give it away as a reward for good deeds. :)

      1. Try this:

        There are some gummy molds for sale on eBay:

        Anything to help the course of true love...

        1. I almost shot tea through my nose! You must do it, if only so you can tell your grandchildren the story of Chowhound love! The way to a man's heart is through homemade gummi bears.

          Our kitchen supply store sells lots of cheap plastic molds for making candy and lollipops and some are quite small. All kinds of animals - don't know about bears! - flowers, etc.

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          1. re: Junie D

            Ah, tea through nose. It makes the post worth it.

            I never thought this post would turn out so many fun responses! Those links chaddict found are hilarious.

            But don't worry about true love. At this point if the old SO doesn't marry me I think his friends will riot. They like coming over for dinner.

            1. re: Pei

              LOL!!! I have to worry about who ends up with the Le Crueset... LOL!! :)

              Anyway, Surfas has lots of great molds for this stuff and might even have ideas on how best to do this experiment. Best of luck!!


          2. Hi,
            Does anyone know whether you can use regular jello? My family tries to stay away from Nutrasweet.

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              I dont know if this would work, but you might want to try 100 % juice, either white grape or pear juice for some sweetness and some food coloring for color....use as a subsitute for the water and the box of jello....the jello is just for the color...i dont know if you need to add another box of geletin or not.kathyn34

            2. It's probably fine. I'm planning on using jello with sugar in it because that's what I've got at my house. I've also got the gelatin mixes that I got at Asian stores! I'll let you know what happens once I make it. I'm going to get the unflavoured gelatin this weekend.

              I've got blackcurrant at my house (I really love blackcurrant), but when I go again, I'm going to get passionfruit amongst others. :) My family thinks I'm weird because I got so excited. :P

              1. oh my god! I can now make my very own chocolate-coated gummy bears. This could be dangerous.... and those mold shapes are great.

                Thanks to all who have posted--it IS fun!

                1. You can also make a mold using cornstarch. Fill a casserole dish about half way (about 1 inch thick) full of cornstarch. Use a gummy bear, impaled from the flat back side with a tooth pick or skewer (not all the way through) to make an impression in the cornstarch, making sure to not go all the way down to the bottom of the pan. Repeat, making impressions about one inch apart. Fill as you would a silicon mold. Let set for about 24 hours, then cover with more cornstarch to draw out more moisture. Let them stay in the cornstarch to the desired chewiness.

                  1. Fun idea! I have been known to eat my fair share of gummy bears (and sour patch kids), but I've never made them before. If anyone can do it, you can Pei!

                    For molds, what about mini madeleine molds like the ones pictured below? Then you could use them for madeleines too!


                    1. I first had gummi baeren in Munich about forty years ago (ouch!) I recall that they had a lovely fresh fruit flavor and a sensuous mouth feel. If you can duplicate this at home, you rock!

                      1. Go to www.candylandcrafts for molds. If they don't have them, they don't exist.

                        1. you can buy the gummy bear molds in the PARTY NEEDS store in Waltham- I bought them some time ago for my 15 year old son who makes them in a regular bases using regular red jello and less water. I do not have his recipe on hand but I know he just googled it. The molds they have are for chocolate making but they all work for gummies. He makes shells, hearts, turtles and bears and they all look very cure!

                          1. Here is another link to a homemade gummy candy recipe. This one doesn't use a jello mix. Also there are some really fun variations such as sour gummies!


                            1. I know this was posted a while ago, but did anyone try it? How is the texture? Did anyone try using agar agar or pectin or something other than gelatin?

                              1. I've been dying to buy this new NordicWare candy mold pan. It is recommended for chocolates or jellys:


                                Tell us how these turn out. Sounds to fun!

                                1. You can buy the silicone molds at baking/cake stores, or you can get the cheaper chocolate molds which are harder plastic for about $1. If you do that though, I would recommend coating them with something like sugar.

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                                    Would really like to know if anyone's made gummy bears. I'm interested, but looking to make something with a chewier, Haribo-like texture (if you get me).

                                  2. Does anybody know where I can go to get a mold made that looks like a gummy trolley. I'd like to make gummy trolley and hand them out to riders that come on. Help