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Aug 25, 2006 04:07 PM

Vegetarian in Philly

Recommendations please. We are visiting for the weekend and love to try interesting and unique vegetarian food. No limits of price, location in the city, or type of cuisine beyond that.

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  1. I am not a vegetarian, but I recently went with four others to Horizons (which is vega), located on south 7th St. Everything was delicious! Horizons was previously Horizons Cafe in the suburbans -- it has made the transition to the city very well. The food is interesting and diverse and among the tastiest I've ever had. The mashed potatoes were insanely good and, I imagine, guilt free, since there was no cream or butter involved. Make a reservation.

    I like Vietnam (not Vietnam Palace across the street) on north 11th St. It's not vegetarian, but they have good no-meat selections. Make sure you order green papaya salad -- hold the chicken, shrimp, etc.

    There are also a number of vegetarian chinese restaurants in the city, but I haven't been.

    1. Horizons is amazing and not to be missed if you are vegetarian.

      My favorite Chinese Vegetarian restaurants are New Harmony and Cherry Street.

      Cafe Spice Indian Restaurant does a great vegetarian Thali (a selection of different vegetarian dishes) and has many vegetarian dishes.

      All the Italian BYOs have nice vegetarian options.

      The Steven Starr places also have veggie choices, especially Continental Midtown.

      Here are a couple unusual food choices, that are hole-in-the-wall type neighborhood places in West Philly (cab-able from Center City):

      Kabobeesh Pakistani restaurant in West Philly always has a vegetarian platter with a main veggie dish, a side veggie dish, rice, a yogurt dip, and homemade naan.

      The Ethiopian restaurants in West Philly have many vegetarian dishes. It's a unique cuisine that you eat with your hands, using the soft bread as a scoop.

      Thank you.

      1. As a veggie in CC Philly, I feel inclined to respond!
        Great reccs so far - especially Vietnam (I love the soft tofu rolls) and the Continental (rad na chicken with tofu instead).

        Other places I reccomend:

        Shaio Lan Kung for salt baked tofu and snow pea leaves with garlic. Head there immedietly.

        Beau Monde for crepes.

        Azure for veggie friendly fare and wonderful brunch.

        Royal Tavern for the veggie burger.

        Pad Thai for tofu curries and pad thai.

        El Vez for the lunch special: the chopped salad and enchiladas are very good.

        The Latest Dish - much of their menu has veggie items and are quite good.

        Radicchio for pasta and salads - everything is so fresh!

        That's all I can think of at the moment, but there are SO MANY MORE.

        I haven't been to Horizons yet but have heard great things.

        1. If you venture down South Street, Maoz between 2nd and 3rd is all vegetarian...the maoz is a falafal sandwich in a freshly baked pita with a salad bar of interesting israeli salads and veggies for toppings. Only stools for 8 people to sit as many stand and eat or take out. Cheap and great eats!

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            I'd recommend going around the corner to Alyan's (on 4th just south of South St., next to Latest Dish) instead, the falafel is better and Maoz is kind of notorious for their fixins bar, which customers will use to reapply condiments to their sandwich *after* they've eaten half of it.

          2. If you'd enjoy a vegetarian cheese steak, try the one at Gianna's on 6th St. just south of Lombard.

            They have lots of other vegetarian sandwiches as well, extremely casual place. They also have many vegan desserts...that's not my thing so I don't know how they are.