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Aug 25, 2006 03:55 PM

Thali in New Haven?

If this has been covered in a recent post just point me there. Has anyone been to Thali in New Haven? Sounds good from everything I've heard, but just wanted to see if anyone has actually been.

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  1. Thali is really wonderful. We've had dinner there twice.
    Very upscale, not the same food you see at all the other Indian places. A lot of different flavors and tastes. I think its much closer to REAL Indian food, not Americanized.
    Great presentations, nice atmosphere. I'd say on a scale of 1-10 its a 8 or9.
    Plus the Chef/Owner is a great guy.
    Enjoy your meal there. Regards, chefstu

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      How would you compare it to Darbar, Zaroka, and Swagat? On your 1-10 scale, what are they?

    2. We were there about two weeks ago. We were a big group, and between the 8 of us must have tried close to half the menu. It was all excellent. I remember a shrimp-in-garlic appetizer that was popular all around (can't remember the name, unfortunately). There is more fish on the menu here, more coconut and tamarind, different spices ... but there are familiar classics, too. Hmm, just thinking about it makes me want to return. I say, go!

      1. Dear tripster,
        I don't care for Swagat, I have'nt eaten at Zaroka, but we eat at Darbars often and I'd rate Darbars a 7 and their breads a 9. Its hard to compare them because the food is so different.
        Darbars being your standard Indian fare and Thali being more upscale and and authentic? or gourmet?

        1. I just went into the website. You can receive a $25 dining certificate via email by registering them. The certificate expires 9/15 and it is not valid for dinner on Fri or Sat nights.

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            The above mentioned offering of a $25 dining certificate via email is apparently an error. I contacted Thali and it apparently related to a large mailing of takeout menus with attached certificates that directed people to their website to register. I appologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone.

            1. re: westie

              Wanted to let you know I downloaded the online certificate which they accepted just fine. I printed out the "registration" email and took it in with the certificate. I also received one in the mail.

          2. Had the pleasure of dining at Thali twice now. It's fantastic. We also enjoy Zarooka, Darbar but very different food, type of cooking from Thali. Your tastebuds open up in a whole new way eating at Thali, such flavorful food...truly euphoric! I went online to register for then printed out the $25 gift certificate which they accepted just fine. Fairly expensive though so be prepared.