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Aug 25, 2006 03:44 PM

Mandrake in Beverly Ma.- any recent experiences?

I had read a positive Alison Arnett review about this place earlier this year, but when they emailed me their menu last week,it was very disappointing.just kind of 'halibut w/ corn and herb butter' kind of simple uninspired. i prefer creative, unusual.
Has anyone eaten here RECENTLY and had exc. exper or should we go to SOMA instead? thanks for your help.

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  1. Search for Mandrake on the Boston board. (Beverly is usually covered on the Boston board.) Apparently the chef at Mandrake has left since Alison Arnett reviewed them, and the quality has declined significantly since then.

    You might also consider Tryst in Beverly, which I personally prefer to Soma.

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      Perhaps its because I usually dine out in Salem nowadays, butI honestly have no recollection of Tryst? I work in Beverly and am going to drive down Cabot on my lunch break to locate it. Pretty decent place? When did it open?

      1. re: bostonveggie

        been there a couple of years (i think) and a bit better than Soma.

    2. I have to say that my husband and I went on a "Beverly Night" last week. Started at the bar at Soma. It took quite a while for someone to acknowledge us. We each ordered a Martini, which was delicious and large but felt the menu was very limited. So we moved on to Mandrake. The bartender was extremely friendly and helpful. We had some wine and each ordered an app. I got a fabulous beef salad with fresh motzerella and beefsteak tomatoes. It had an aged balsamic dressing that was out of this world. My husband had "mild" buffalo tenders. They were so hot, he couldn't even eat them. I would have liked to try other things, but we were on a quest that night. I especially liked the atmosphere. We then moved on to tryst. Again, more apps. Onion and goat cheese tart was delicious as was the eggplant something my husband got.

      Beverly has a lot of wonderful places to eat as does the entire NorthShore. If we head toward essex, we go to Riverside, and toward Salem, it's always the Grapevine.

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        Friends tell me often how great Mandrake is. I saw no sign of greatness there this past weekend. The server was rude and looked to be high on something. The drinks were weak and over-priced. The food was uninspired, over-priced, and tasteless. We will never go back.
        If you are looking for good eats in Beverly try Tryst and Harry's 240.