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Aug 25, 2006 03:43 PM

Ireland: Dublin to Shannon Road Trip - Suggestions?

Hi All,

My boyfriend and I are making our first trip to England and Ireland in a couple weeks. We're spending 4 days in London, but there look to be a number of threads and a lot of reading I can do on London suggestions already on the board :) I'll probably ask questions after reading up though!

However, what I didn't see initially was much information on Ireland, especially outside Dublin.

Our itinerary is as follows:

Dublin - 2 nights
Either Kilkenny for early lunch or Waterford for late lunch/early dinner (any thoughts here?)
Kinsale - 1 night
Kenmare - 2 nights
Dingle - 1 night
Shannon - 1 night

Any suggestions for us in these towns or on the roads between them? I'd love to hear about them :) We're more interested in foods that we can't get at home or are just done better (I've heard the salmon is not to be missed?).

So you get an idea of what we're used to, we're both basically from Los Angeles, but we just moved back after living in San Francisco for 3 years.

Looking forward to more budget/everyday meals than "fine dining" though we're open to suggestions there too!


Kathy/Kuisine (formerly KathySK)

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  1. A cool place in Dublin for smoothies and quick healthy lunches and snacks is Nude - it's owned by Bono's brother.

    1. Hi there.
      I live in Dublin, so I am not the best to provide recommendations for elsewhere.

      For budget eats I suggest the following.
      Gruel (Dame Street)
      L'Gueuleteon (Fade Street, off South Great Georges Street)- this is not VERY budget, but would be good for a treat.
      The Epicurean Centre (Abbey Street) Amazing for lunches
      Cornicopia (Wicklow Street) Vegetarian- again good for lunches.
      There is a GREAT french patiserie (Aghh- I cant remember its name) but is right by Georges Street Arcade. They have amazing coffee- downstairs is takeaway, so you will need to go upstairs.
      Fallon and Byrne (Exechquer Street) has great takeaway sandwiches and salads, which you can eat at their small tables- this place is VERY "cool" at the moment- I recommend the humdinger, which I occasionally walk across town to get if I have a craving.

      For a special treat eating somewhere great at relatively low prices, try the pre-theatre menu at Chapter One, which is arguably the best restaurant in Dublin (they have a website- you will need to book 2 weeks in advance) its around 35 euro for three courses. Or, Rolys Bistro for lunch (20 euro for three courses). This is in Ballsbridge close to the American Embassy, and I think it is one of the best value lunches in Dublin.

      On the rest of the country, Kinsale of course is famous for its food, so I am sure there will be plenty of options. Kenmare also has a good reputation- I believe the Lime Tree is one of the more famous restaurants down there. I may be wrong, but I dont see Shannon being a culinary paradise.. so I would leave a "fish and chips" night until then from a local chipper. I also "recommend" getting a battered sausage and chips.. just to say you had one.. lots of ketchup essential.

      Have a great trip.

      1. oh- and ps... dont miss Clonakilty black pudding when you are there. The smoked salmon will be excellent. Other treats: wheaten bread, soda bread, Ballymaloe tomato relish, dubliner cheese. (Dublin has a great cheese shop called Sheridans on South Anne Street- the staff are incredibly knowledgable and very helpful)

        1. You might try driving out of Kinsale to a bar called The Pink Elephant in Harbour View - the coast views are stunning and the food is good.

          1. Hi Guys.
            Salmon is not to be missed in all it`s varities, but make sure that it is wild salmon not the farmed variety.