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Aug 25, 2006 03:38 PM

Joanne Kates: where is she?

Does anyone know what's going on with Joanne Kates' column in the Globe and Mail? Is she on sabbatical? Does she even still write for the Globe?


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  1. She takes every summer off.

    1. She's in town. Spotted recently at Kultura Social Dining. So much for the incognito myth. Can you imagine needing a break from investigating fine dining? Poor thing.

      1. Summers she runs the Arowhon Pines dining room - the family business. That's in Algonquin Park, btw.

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        1. re: HenryT

          Just to be clear. She and her family run Camp Arowhon every summer. Not the hotel and dining room, though they're on the same lake.

          1. re: malcolmjolley

            I've been in the dining room and heard the staff referring to "Mrs. Kates" as the boss.

          1. Sure, I can see how it's possible that someone whose job is to review fine dining establishments hitting culinary fatigue.

            I was having dinner with my relatives one night and we decided to forego cooking and just have take out. My uncle ordered take out from a Chinese take out shop owned by my cousin's best friend. The food was delicious!

            A few nights later, this kid was over at their house to do homework and have dinner. She was so excited to see lowly fish and chips and food that didn't come from the family's restaurant. My uncle isn't a culinary talent but can throw together food that's edible. You can guess that this is the very first time such praise and appreciation had been heaped on him for his food.