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Aug 25, 2006 03:27 PM

I'm Incapacited, Husband Useless In Kitchen, Need Easy Recipes!

Hi Everyone - here's a challenge for all of you!

I totally messed up my left leg a few days ago. I'm in a full leg brace. Can barely walk around so standing for any length of time to cook is pretty much out of the question. I have to be off my feet for a week at least.

My husband is totally useless in the kitchen. I mean that in every sense of the word. He could manage to grill a hot dog or hamburger, maybe a chicken breast if I were overseeing him. He has no sense of timing, doneness, preparation. And, he isn't much into even learning, getting somewhat defensive if I try to gently guide him through the process.

So, we need some really easy, uncomplicated throw together dishes.

NO seafood at all - he does not eat it. Or even some interesting sandwich dishes would be ok. Anything which does not require much cooking, or could be thrown together from other already made ingredients. Salads good too - he could manage some easy chopping and I could at least whisk together a dressing. If it is a cooked dish, grilling would probably be easiest. He could probably manage that for the most part.


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  1. Sivy, It's time to get out the Wok. (If you don't own one, have your hubby buy one and a book on Wok cooking with recipes.) Go to the store and buy some Miran, Oyster Sauce and Hoison sauce. With this combo you can create a plethora of dishes with chicken, pork, beef and lamb along with veggies.
    (You'll need some canned chicken stock too.) Next step, experiment with the vast numbers of Asian noodles you can add to your new creations. Good luck and get better soon.

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      Unfortunately, while I own a wok, and used it a lot years ao, it currently sits gathering dust since when we renovated our kitchen in our current home, I somehow got wrangled into keeping the electric stove hookup, instead of going for the gas line (older home). I always regretted that choice.

      Even if we were using one, believe me, it sounds good in theory but a wok and my husband would be a very dangerous mix. Seriously.

    2. Sorry to hear about your leg! Here's one that my husband can fix - and he can't even grill...his culinary skills are limited to scrambled eggs, ugly fried eggs, and frying bacon.

      Roast chicken: take a whole chicken, remove any "goodies" from the cavity, rinse under cold water, and pat dry with paper towel. Salt and pepper inside and out, stuff half a lemon-peel and all-in the cavity. Put in a 13x9 pan (hubby doesn't bother with roasting rack), cover loosely with foil and bake at 425 for an hour and fifteen minutes. Take out, let set for 15 minutes. He can vary the seasonings, use garlic instead of a lemon, add some herbs, whatever. Leftevers would be good in a salad or sandwich.

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        Actually, a roast chicken is a great idea and one of my fav foods - but we can buy them already made and spare him the anxiety LOL. If I take Pei's idea below, the garlic mayo, that can spread out out for some lunches too.


      2. Garlic mayo is your friend.

        Chop up a bunch of garlic (use a press if you have one) and stir it into some mayo. I would say five cloves for every cup of mayo, but I love garlic. Let it sit in the fridge overnight before you start using it.

        Alternatives include garlic/basil, chopped sun dried tomatoes, or fresh herbs. But plain old garlic is the best, IMO, and easiest.

        Spread it on sandwiches and/or use it on chicken. It will immediately make a boring sandwich taste ten times better.

        I made turkey sandwiches with garlic mayo along with smoked salmon wraps for a picnic once. Of course everyone went for the more fancy sounding salmon (plus the sandwiches had gotten a tad soggy from sitting around). Finally, one hungry person ate a wet sandwich and shouted "Oh my gosh! We all ate the wrong thing first! This soggy sandwich is way better than that wrap."

        Get better soon!

        1. Dad always made stew. I hate stew, but that's beside the point. He tried. Not sophisticated, but easy and keeps you fed for a long time.

          Not good in hot weather either.

          Sorry to hear about your leg! Get well soon!

          1. Sorry to hear about your leg. If you shop at Costco, they have tons of prepared food very inexpensively - steaks, pot roasts etc. in those vacuum packages that you heat in boiling water. Just add some kind of grains or salad and you have nice dinner with no effort. I also buy pilafs from Tasty Bite: I like the multigrain one - I usually dump some kind of canned fish (your husband can substitute with diced chicken or some other meat), add fresh herbs and olive oil - makes great cold dish.

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            1. re: welle

              We don't have a Costco nearby but do have BJ's. I wonder if they have similar items, I'm sure they must. But I do know my local supermarket has some of those too, and I do need to send him on a trip to stock up on some items. Thanks for reminding me about those.