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Aug 25, 2006 03:19 PM


Now that Cafe Brussels is gone, what do people think is the best place for moules frites in the city? I know that there was division on CB, but I do find myself wanting good Belgian moules frites? Suggestions?

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  1. Try the Brasserie on John Street. It is very good for that sort of food

    1. Beerbistro and JK Wine bar has frites close to the ones at CB. As for the moules, I like the Bacon & Brune ones at Beerbistro. It's the closest I've found to CB. I do miss CB's moules :-(

      1. I rather like Midi Bistro's - simple and good.

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          Where is this located? I love (and constantly crave) mussels, so maybe I'll look into this place.

          1. re: sierramum

            McCaul street between Dundas and College. Here's their web site for a look: You can get them done up several ways also.