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Aug 25, 2006 03:13 PM

First trip to Montreal!

My husband and I are traveling to Montreal for the first time in September. We will be celebrating our anniversary and my (eek!)40th birthday.
Could you suggest a nice place for dinner where we could celebrate? Maybe someplace romantic...
Thank you!!!

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  1. You'll be far more likely to get useful replies if you provide some details like price range, importance of wine list, food preferences and aversions, and preferred style of cooking (traditional or contemporary, French or non-French, etc.). And you'll get a far better idea of the range of possibilites as well as potential candidates (that you can then ask questions about) by reading through recent threads. In one form or another, your query has been asked at least a dozen times this summer.

    1. Great suggestions! I'm new to the site, so I appreciate the feedback.
      Price range, really not an issue.
      Atmosphere? We'd prefer upscale casual to something super-stuffy and old school. Low lighting would be a plus. I think in late September it will be too cool in Montreal to eat outside in the evening, am I right? Otherwise, that would be another option.
      Food? Contemporary, but not somewhere where taste takes a backseat to presentation. Somewhere when you walk away you know you've had an experience.
      Area? We're staying at the W, which I believe is near Vieux-Montréal. Something within walking distance would be nice, though it is not at all necessary.

      Thanks again!

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        Le CLub Chasse et Pêche is near of W you can read a nice report of this resto in a recent thread. I think this place fit your description of what you whant.

        1. re: vabou

          Club chasse et pêche!
          I agree.
          Please you must go!
          I am going to Anise tomorrow night. I can let you know about my personal experience.

          1. re: jennina

            Club Chasse et Pêche it is! Thank you so much for your suggestions. Sure, I would love to know about your experience at Anise! I can't wait to have time this weekend to check out the rest of the board. Can't wait even more to check out Montreal! Merci!

        2. re: kansascity

          Agree with the Club Chasse et Pêche suggestion. Cube and the slightly less exalted Chez l'Épicier would be other safe bets in Old Montreal, though you'd have to be a cold fish to call Cube romantic.

          If you're willing to go a bit further afield (taxis are cheap and distances aren't great), consider Anise, Raza and La Chronique on Laurier between St-Urbain and Parc. Of the three, Anise has by far the most romantic decor.

          All have been discussed recently and repeatedly on the board. Scroll down the thread listing or plug the names into the search box at the top of the page. You'll find comments galore and links to the restaurants' websites.

        3. My favourite little spot is Au Bistro Gourmet on St-Mathieu. It's a small French bistro with a cozy neighbourhood feel. There are two table d'hote menus. (Don't be fooled, the Bistro Gourmet 2 on St-Denis is completely different and I wouldn't recommend it).

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          1. re: eoj

            Hmmm. Now I have a difficult decision! Au Bistro Gourmet is so cute, and the menu looks wonderful, too. Well, maybe we'll have to go to both! Again, I appreciate your comments!

          2. As I said to someone previously, I din't get this place. I went for business a few months ago and was not impressed at all. Food was ok at best, the decor is vary outdated, prices are just all right and service professionnal but cold. Au Petit Extra does way better for a similar price tag.

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            1. re: Campofiorin

              I've been reading a lot about Au Petit Extra. Thanks for reminding me to add this to our list. We'll be eating our way through Montreal and loving every minute of it!

              1. re: Campofiorin

                I find the decor comfortable. It's certainly not trendy, but it doesn't scream 1980s or anything. I am surprised by what you say about the service. One of the things I like best about Au Bistro Gourmet (again NOT the one on St-Denis!) is the service. I have always had very charming waitstaff who are friendly, but not familiar, helpful but not ingratiating. The frites, rack of lamb, and fish dishes I have tried have all been lovely. They do have a silly penchant for stacking food, but that doesn't affect flavour. And the atmosphere is definitely nice for a romantic dinner-for-two.

              2. My husband and I are crazy for Brunoise. We went there initially because my sister got me a gift certificate for my 40th, and we have gone back every time we’ve visited since. It’s always been a treat, and the service is exemplary.