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Aug 25, 2006 02:46 PM

Fish City Grill coming to San Antonio

I saw in the San Antonio Express News last week where a restaraunt called Fish City Grill was coming to town.
I looked them up and they are from Dallas.Has anyone here eaten at one and are they any good?

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  1. Yes, a Fish City Grill is a good addition to any restaurant scene. The food is fresh, fairly priced, and I've never had bad service in one. My only complaint is it can get pretty crowded even in the off hours.

    1. I missed this announcement. Where will they be located? I'd love to see another "fish place" in San Antonio.

      Hope they are successful.

      1. They are going to be on US281 North, and Henderson Pass,over in the area of HEB and Barnes and Nobles.I don't have the newspaper write up from last week Wensday's food section.
        They do have a website,so the exact address maybe listed on there.

        1. I like it! I've been to the one in Sugar Land once, and would go again. The food is fresh and they have interesting options other than just fried stuff (although the fried stuff was quite good--I don't usually like calamari because it's like rubber bands, but theirs was very tender). The one here is fairly small, so if they are all built by that plan, they probably do get pretty crowded at peak times.
          Some of the prices are great; they have an ample fried shrimp basket with good waffle fries for something like $5.50.

          1. I really like Fish City Grill's fish taco. They are not "authentic" Baja fish tacos -- the fish is a mild white-fleshed fish, maybe (shudder) tilapia, battered and fried -- but the taste and texture are great.