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Aug 25, 2006 02:17 PM

Italian Food Center on Grand

The Italian Food Center on Grand was recently sold and is a sad and filthy shell of what it once was. Whoever bought it has killed it They even started selling gross sushi! This place is really no better then your average Korean deli. Stay away. Another one bites the dust.

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  1. You mean the place that made the best heros in the world??? I can't bear it. What happened?

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    1. re: Tom Steele

      yes, that's the one. the old owners sold out to someone more interested in maximizing profit and appealing to tourists in the nabe. they are currently running the joint to the ground, it will probably close down pretty soon.

    2. very sad to hear that! Thanks for the warning.

      1. I'm afraid it might be true. I had heard this and went in to look and left without trying anything. The place looks awful and the offering of sushi is plain scary. Truly sad. Fortunately we still have Alidoro (FKA Melampo), Faicco's,and Mama's (AKA Leo's) in Corona. One of these days I've got to try Mike's on Arthur Avenue in da Bronx. As a Spanish alternative, I've been going to Despana on Broome a lot for bocadillas.

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            Went to Leo's/Mama's yesterday. Great sandwich. The mozzarella was incredibly fresh but I have one criticism. The proscuitto they use is domestic (I think it's Hormel) which to me detracts somewhat from the quality.

        1. Im so sorry. we used to buy a "big bread" there every week, and it would last through the week. Combined with the cheese from across the street it was a great foodstop.

          The best time was when we also bought a liter bottle of good olive oil, and it broke going through the subway turnstile. A big mess but the part of the bread that was covered by oil was just wonderful.


          1. I say, good riddance. IMO, the Food Center has been pretty unimpressive for some time...

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            1. re: a_and_w

              Yes it was going down for many years.
              But still, the end of another neighborhood institution is sad.