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Aug 25, 2006 01:46 PM

Dinner at/near Atlantic Station - Atlanta

I know there is a number of new restaurants - but haven't eaten at any of them - any recomendations?

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  1. At AS is Rosa Mexicano, which is OK, but nothing great. Overpriced fancy Mexican. Nearby is a good pasta place, Osteria Figo, but it's a car/cab ride from Atlantic Station. In the same parking lot as Figo is Tacqueria del Sol, a hidden gem.

    1. Sandi omits Bacchanalia for a high-end fix at Huff and Howell Mill (same parking lot at Taqueria/Figo). You could also walk across the big yellow bridge for dinner at Nan (Thai). And I think it's a treat to hit Star Provisions (at Bacchanalia) if even just to look around. Their lunch counter offerings are also very good.

      We've had a couple of good meals at the Lobby at Twelve. The food was good, but the service seemed to elevate the experience- we've had very open/friendly servers both times. I guess what I mean is that they told you what they liked and what was popular, and this didn't coincide with the upper end of the price spectrum on the menu.