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Aug 25, 2006 01:46 PM

Stan's place, any recent reports?

With the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in the news and on the mind, I've got a hankering for some New Orlean's cuisine tonight. Have never tried Stan's Place and this seems to be the best (only?) option for some cajun/creole cuisine in Brooklyn... Any one been there recently? Is it still BYOB? the only reports I find here are a year old.

on a related note, does anyone else here miss (or even remember) Acadia Parish?? Sometimes I really miss that place!

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  1. I remember it, but it was always empty and never really seemed that inviting. Stan's is usually crowded, though not packed, and what I've had there has been great (chicory lattes) to good (brunch fare). That said, I haven't tried dinner there yet - seems a bit pricey even though it's not really...

    How was Acadia Parish? Who knows - with Bouillabaise and Petite Crevette opening up on Union, maybe the relocation of Atlantic Avenue eateries will include Acadia Parish?

    1. In its heyday, Acadia Parish was great--it was always packed, I remember waiting on line to get in on weekend night. The food was pretty authentic and some dishes like jambalaya, crawfish etouffee, softshell crab, were great. The owner and some of the staff were from Louisiana and everyone was always really, really friendly and welcoming. Good cornbread in the breadbasket...huge portions.

      I especially was fond of their lamb chops which were really reasonably priced, the one place I would go for lamb chops where it didn't have to feel like a special splurge. Also it was BYOB, always a plus in my book. Towards the end it did get kinda empty and the decor was always a bit odd with these pink upholstered chairs that looked like they were remaindered from one of the mirrored diners ;-)

      I'm pretty sure the chef/owner left to return to Louisiana...but who knows, maybe he'll come back here now...wish I could remember his name so I could google him.

      I was really sorry to see it go, and there's not been an alternative Cajun place to go in Bklyn--so I'm eager to try Stan's.

      1. We were real fans of Acadia Parish. Stan's does not compare. We ate dinner twice at Stan's, the last time about 3 months ago. It was OK, but no better than that. I'm pretty sure it was BYOB and probably still is. I didn't note a liquor license in the window when we passed recently on the way to Bacchus.

        1. Acadia was owned by Gerry Faulk and his family. It was a labor of love, as he & his wife had major full time jobs. He did not move back to La. as far as I know, but didnt open another place either. He and his wife couldnt afford to keep it open when daughter Jackie moved to the W.Coast and couldn't help out any more with the business. To say we were "regulars" there would be a massive understatement, as we ate there more than weekly.

          Just to add: Gerry was from Rein, La., the frog mural capitol of the world (every wall in the town has them). That's why he had the posters of frogs on the walls. When Ginny and I drove thru La., he gave us names of restaurants, sites, etc to visit and he really knew his stuff. We brought him back photos of the wall murals but we never got around to blowing them up to frame and put on the walls of the place.

          1. Thanks Steve for the Acadia Parish backstory, it is now coming back to me.

            Well, we did eat at Stan's and I have to say I agree with the other posters--its OK, but just OK. The room is nice and service was friendly. It was really empty last night, just three tables taken while we were there (possibly because its an August weekend--I noted Bacchus looked empty too, even in the garden.) The food was hit and miss, within the same dish--for example, the Angels on Horseback--oysters wrapped in bacon and then fried, served with some greens--the oysters were great but the whole thing was swimming in a bed of barbeque sauce which really ruined the greens--there's a reason "barbeque" is not a salad dressing variety! Next time, sauce on the side please! Crabcakes were tasty, not the best I've had but good. Husband's Shrimp Etoufee was also very tasty but with tiny shrimp and it came out lukewarm. I had the Blackened Flat Iron steak which was also good, an interesting melange of flavors (served over radicchio with blue cheese melted in, and crispy bacon and parsley over the top.) But the steak was a bit tough. Finally, we had Red Velvet Cake for dessert which we found not worth the calories--maybe I'm not a Red Velvet Cake connoseiur but this was really dry and crumbly.

            Oh, but the cornbread was great--really moist!!

            the best thing is that its still BYOB so all of this was had for a mere $55 and we had an awesome Turley Zin to go with it.

            I'd consider going back, but probably not for awhile.