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Seeking Great Pancakes WITHOUT a Hassle

So no "Prune" recs, please.

Anything but the Upper East Side. (Prefer Hells Kitchen, East Village, West Village and Lower East Side.)

Thanks, as always!

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  1. Great pancakes: Clinton Street Baking

    Without a hassle: I went during the week, which was hassle free. (they also serve their pancakes at lunch and dinner.) I asked about the crowds on the weekends and my server said that if you get there early the wait is not bad. Perhaps another hound who has navigated the weekend crowds at CSB can give better insight on this.

    Here is my recent report on their pancakes:


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      If you get to CSBC at about 9:45 am on the weekends (15 minutes before they open), you can usually get a table in the first seating.

      I used to be a fan of Mayrose's pancakes, but I went back this weekend and found them to be lackluster. Also, the coffee at Mayrose is dreadful.

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        Too bad about Mayrose. They used to have great mac and cheese. That's probably declined too.

    2. Fairway Cafe and Shopsin's are my favorites, but Edison Cafe makes a fine, if inconsistent, stack.


      NYCnosh: http://nycnosh.com

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        Edison were very good...and the room is terrific.


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          Went there yesterday. Great room, but chewy pancakes. Overall great old NY experience though.

      2. If Brooklyn is a possibility, the best pancakes I've had in New York are at Cafe Luluc on Smith.

        1. 9th street market. Best in the city. No wait if you go early.

          1. i love the lemon ricotta pancakes at good in the west village, and the amazing german pancake at august.

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              The best I've ever had were at Balthazar.

            2. Ive heard good things about Burgers and Cupcakes pancakes. Can anyone confirm?

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                  Their waffles are great too, made from scratch.

                2. shopsins pancakes are amazing

                  1. I had some delicious fresh blueberry-pear pancakes at the Comfort Diner on West 23rd Street bet. 5th & 6th Ave. They serve pancakes all day. The berries were cooked inside the pancakes and I asked for extra blueberries on top. Terrific and there was no wait. It's a retro type diner with big portions - not your foo-foo type brunchy places where you have to wait around for an hour to get a table on the weekends.

                    1. Also, you could try the Crooked Tree Cafe, located at 110 St. Mark's Place, for crepes.

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                        I think Crooked Tree is just OK, not worth a special trip but not bad if you're in the neighborhood and craving inexpensive crepes.

                      2. If you don't care about decor, try the Landmarc Pancake House in SoHo. It's an ugly diner, but it's cheap and the pancakes are great.

                        Otherwise, go to Jersey City for the Brownstone Diner - the pancake menu is pages long and the stack is several inches high.

                        1. Had Clinton Street today. GREAT pancakes.

                          Thanks for the advice.

                          1. Well on Smith st in brooklyn (its only a cpl extra subway stops from LES), Chestnut does amazing oatmeal pancakes on sundays. I'm really not a pancake person but even I love these. It's very very filling though.