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Aug 25, 2006 01:16 PM

Mexican restaurant at 10th and Springarden?

My friend wants to go to a Mexican place that she says is on 10th and Springarden. She heard from a co-worker that it is a hole in the wall but it is terrific. Of course, she can't remember the name.

Can anyone help us out?

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  1. can't think of anything at 10th and Spring Garden. I wonder if she is thinking of Las Cazuelas on 5th and Gerard. In which case, yes it is awesome.

    1. You might mean Sazon (941 Spring Garden St, 215-763-2500), the Venezuelan BYOB. Not quite a hole in the wall. It's a former corner diner.

        1. The place is called Jose's Mexican Food- 469 N. 10th St., between Callowhill and Spring Garden. It is pretty good, but not as authentic as places like La Lupe down on 9th St. by Pat's and Geno's. It's definitely a hole in the wall. I'd recommend takeout- as the last time I was in there to pick up my food it was approximately 120 degrees. Hope this helps.