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Aug 25, 2006 01:07 PM

Fun Place for Celebration Dinner Near T tonight

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good (casual or business casual) place to go tonight up to $40 per person. We were planning to go to a restaurant week place to celebrate my sister's engagement (9 people), but that isn't going to work out....

She was thinking to try someplace new to us like McCormick and Schmidt's b/c in faneuil hall and there is stuff to do around there

or someplace Japanese/Korean where you can cook the food at your table

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Well, if you're going to be around Faneuil Hall, why not make the 2-minute walk to the North End? $40 per person will get you an excellent, fun meal at places like Antico Forno or Rabia's. As for those "cook at your table" places, one word: blech.

    1. McCormick and Shmick is certainly not terrible, but it's a typical chain atmosphere and you can probably do better, especially for new england seafood. Unfortunately, East Coast Grill is not near the T, but if you REALLY want to be in Faneuil Hall, then right near McCormick is Naked Fish, which is probably a more interesting and fun bet. Most of the options in that area are pretty execrable.

      I don't think there is a Korean BBQ anywhere near the T: I can only think of Koreana, a 10 minute walk from the central stop, but I have never been.

      For $40 a person, a great meal can be a tough find, but I would reccommend Petit Robert Bistro, near the Kenmore T stop. A lot of hounds aren't fans, but I think it's the best bargain in the city.

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        I love Koreana's bulgogi and kalbi, but people tonight will probably be taking the T or looking for someplace very easy to get to (they rearely drive around Cambridge/Boston so aren't very familiar with getting around)

        Italian might work, but I think a good piece of meat is what they are wanting....(their first choice for restaurant week was Ruth's Chris, but they aren't doing dinner and it's too pricey if we pay full price)

        I went to McCormick's once and true I wasn't impressed by them at all, but I'm running out of time :-)

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          It can be tough to find good meat for not outrageous prices, but Flemings is the cheapest of the prime steakhouses, and is actually as good as most of them, I think.

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            Actually, let me bring it back to Petit Robert. Convenient to the subway, and they have a really nice skirt steak entree that is about $19, plus OUTSTANDING beef bourgingon for around $15. Again, some Chowhounders might disagree, but I like it a lot.

        2. actually, now that I think about it, The North End is only a five minute walk from Faneuil Hall. I would give Antico Forno a try, if Italian will suit you.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I just took anoter look at Naked Fish's menu and I think it might work for what you're looking for. The portguese steak I've heard is rather good, and under $20, plus all the seafood options, and it's right next to M&S. If time and location are a real constraint, it might be your best bet.

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                Naked Fish has been gone for a while, it's now Red Sky. Which would actually work for the OP. Fun, loungey, decent food that's fairly well priced. Not great but you can get some good plates for a good price.