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Aug 25, 2006 12:55 PM

Anyone try Aqua yet?

Anyone been to Aqua (the Malaysian and Thai restaurant that just opened at 7th and Chestnut)? If so, how was it?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Cool pix! We went there Saturday for lunch and had a good meal. The manager was more than friendly and we enjoyed the pad thai there too as well as having some good satay.

      1. Not at the level of Penang

        1. I went last night - I really liked it. I had the almost famous rice net spring rolls which were tasty and shrimpy. My dining pal's galanga soup looked delicious. I do wish, in hindsight that I had ordered the Tom yum soup and also the green papaya salad (or the other spicy salad with squid). Or the shrimp puffs wrapped in bacon.

          Anyway, she had the volcano sapre ribs - which were boned rib bits with a really delicius sweet and tangy sauce. I had the amromatic squid with some sort of dried shrimp - and maybe scrambled egg - and it was just alright -but I think it was my palate and not that the dish was bad. We were the last table to remain (at 9:15) and the charming owner came and asked us how things were - i sad excellent. He asked how I heard about Aqua - i told him from chowhound, egullet, phillyblog (he said yes - that guy posted great pictures - philafoodie, i think he means you),and craig laban. "CRAIG LABAN?," he said,b"-b-b-b-b-ut I haven't seen anything in the paper!!??!" I said yes, that's right but he has a weekly Q&A online on Tuesdays and he said he had excellent roti canai there last week. The owner was shocked and thrilled at the same time.

          other dishes surrounding our table really looked delicous and smelled great.

          one rant - why do people go to an ethnic place and ony order house fried rice? the person next to us did and while somefried rice I presume is better than others , some reaching supreme deliciousness, but really....fried rice? and that's it? Eh.

          1. rumdrinks, were the volcano spare ribs really tough when you tried them? When we went to Aqua, they were probably our least favorite item.

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              I only had one - and a small one - as it was my dining pal's entree (and I couldn't share with her as she neither likes squid nor spicy). I didn't find it terribly tough- and it looked like she was chewing them without much effort.