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Turducken in Toronto?


A post on the 'Home Cooking' board has inspred me to try this interesting 3-in-1 combo.

Anyone know where I would find one of these babies in Toronto?


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  1. Don't know of anyone in the city making them. Supposedly there are plenty of "How to's" on the internet. My plan is to make my own one day. That or just buy one when I'm at my in laws.


    1. Cajun Corner on Queen Street east near Logan will make them to order with a days notice or so.

      1. Recently saw it in a box at Superstore/Loblaws for $99.

        1. Cajun Corner is a great store.
          Anyone ever eaten there??


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            That's the firast place I tried Turducken last Canadian Thanksgiving. Food's prepared fresh but it's really a take out place. There's a small bar with two stools to eat in (or wait).

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                It was really good. It came with dirty rice and mashed sweet potatoes if I recall correctly. I would go out of my way if it came on the menu again.


                Look under their daily specials take out menu. I'm sure they may do it again this year.

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              Great Food, preparation is slow, but well worth the wait.

            2. The Healthy Butcher on queen does a turducken, all organic, i think its something like $17/lb

              1. You can also make it yourself. About 2 years ago 3 of my best mates decided to take on the Turducken challenge. It took two days to prepare and cook the darn thing, but when it was done...wow! The best, most moist fowl I have EVER tasted. My mates even filmed a video of the whole thing...hilarious! So if you have the time and occasion (it was for a birthday) I suggest that you try it.

                1. Sorry to rain on this parade but Turducken seems like a good idea, only the reality is pretty bad.
                  The big problem is that the duck is in the middle and it's the fattiest bird. Ponder the consequences of that!
                  However you cook it you'll get all the duck grease absorbed by the surrounding birds (or have it floating in the middle). There's a reason why duck is rendered in most recipes.
                  KFC is much cheaper!

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                    Sorry but turducken is just fab. tastes great and with all the differnet tastes melted together... WOW.

                    got mine at the cajuin corner. serves is good and the tuckducken is great. 100 for a bird (18 lbs or so) i choice the spicy stuffing (or you can have the corn stuffing instead)

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                      Not sure what was negative about what you wrote here. I assume the grease does a great internal basting for the drier chicken and the drier turkey. Sounds delish!!
                      But then I've never had to render a duck in my life, I let it roast naturally.

                    2. There is nothing about it on their web site right now, but I know that they also do Turducken for Thanksgiving at Southern Accent (http://www.southernaccent.com/) in the Annex, near Honest Ed's.

                      Never tried it though!

                        1. Tried Turducken at the Alpine in Sarasota (of Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives fame) and it was a huge (and expensive) meh. In fact, it tasted bland and "confused". Others who tried it thought the same.

                          Be interested in hearing if anyone who has made one of their own thinks it's worth the effort.