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Kansas City Barbeque in LA?

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There are tons of Texas, Carolina, and Memphis places out there, any of them serve KC barbeque?

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  1. Haven't been to these places yet, but some others seemed to describe these as KC-style BBQ. I don't think I've tried KC-style BBQ yet, so I couldn't tell you what the differances are.

    If you're interested, check them out and let us know how they are:

    Canyon Country BBQ
    347 N San Gabriel Ave

    Smokin' Jacks KC BBQ
    738 N Victory Blvd
    (this is the place that is also an auto repair place)

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      Canyon Country BBQ in Azusa is a good deal for the price - but lacking in quality.

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        To clear up some confusion

        Canyon City Barbeque
        347 North San Gabriel Avenue
        Azusa, CA
        Has got some great reveiws!

        Country Chicken & Ribs Barbeque
        994 E. Alosta Ave
        Azusa, CA

        Agree, good value, but not great quality

      2. According to my KC born & raised husband who has lived in L.A. for about 15+ years now, it doesn't exist. He just BBQs at home and uses various KC BBQ sauces. If you find one, please share!

        1. I work on Lankershim in North Hollywood. Down the street, there used to be a bar named Rocky's that had been there for years.

          They went out of biz, and so now a sign hangs reading "The Kansas City Bar-b-q Company" (or something like that) - coming soon.

          Anyone have any further info?


          1. Don't know about LA, but great KC BBQ at "Kansas City BBQ" in San Diego directly across from Seaport Village. Only place in SoCal I've found with authentic hot links. The sides are good, especially the onion rings, and the walnut pie for dessert is delicious.

            1. Smokin' Jacks has moved from the auto repair shop to a brand-new restaurant location at 220 N. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502, in the heart of Downtown Burbank, between Magnolia & Olive.
              They are open Monday - Thursday 11am - 11pm, Friday & Saturday 11am - Midnight, Sunday 11am - 10pm. No reservations required.
              (818) 842-RIBS

              Also, I am going to try the new KC BBQ shop on Lankershim today--I will let you know what I find!

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                You'll need to convince me to try Smokin' Jack's again... it tasted like everything had been boiled. I was so looking forward to it, too!

                I want to know where this Carolina BBQ that the OP says is commonplace is, because I ain't found it yet, and I miss it!

              2. Chowhound is a VERY useful resource for Food info, but sometimes it's more useful as a stepping stone to a more food specific website; i.e., in your case BBQ! I suggest you devour what the BBQ blogger has already posted, and if you're still unsatisfied regarding Kansas City BBQ in SoCal, then he'd be the guy to E-mail any specific BBQ questions to!!!!!!: