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Cashew Butter Issues

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I made for about the 6th time a batch of cashew Butter from Alton Brown's Recipe, but once again it came out grittier than I would like. though I wonder if growing up on skippy has skewed my tastebuds or if there are ways to tweak the recipe to make it smoother

Using a pound of roasted unsalted cashews, half cup of oil a little salt and honey Put the Nuts and salt in the food processor and drizzle the liquid while proccessing until smooth.

But I run the food processor until it seems to have no more effect on the butter. and what comes out is fairly gritty but there are no discernable chunks in it.

Would more oil, more proccessing or something else help?


- P.

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  1. Try using a blender instead of a food processor. You'll get a much smoother result.