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Aug 25, 2006 05:58 AM

Sanmi on Geary/Parker - old Sanppo and Miki owner out of retirement

I have been a frequent browser of chowhound for years and have never been inspired to post anything until now.

My mother heard through the Japanese grapevine that the old owners of Sanppo (Japantown) and Miki (Balboa/36th?) have come out of retirement and opened up a new restaurant. I wanted to share with any of you who used to enjoy their food. I know that I've missed it for the past few years. We went the other night and everything we had tasted exactly the same, if not better! I pretty much grew up eating at Sanppo every week so needless to say, it was very nostalgic for me.

We did have to wait a while for the food (it was pretty crowded) but for my family and me, it was worth the wait. We had saba shioyaki, nabeyaki udon, chicken teriyaki, and a combination that had sashimi, chicken teriyaki and tempura. And of course, we had to have gyoza for appetizers!! yum! They are back!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. We ate at Sanmi on Sunday night. The place was filled with almost exclusively Japanese people - a good sign in my book - and there were people waiting for tables even at 8:30.

    The food was DELICIOUS. We used to be loyal customers at Sanppo, and it brought me back to my childhood to eat my favorite chankonabe again. The steaming iron pot was filled with fresh clams, squid, gyoza, salmon, noodles, tofu, kamaboko, chicken - all cooked to perfection (not overdone like at lot of other places) to be dipped in the house's special sauce. YUMMY!

    Gyoza is the best in SF. The delicately thin wrappers are crisped to perfection yet the generous filling remains juicy and tender.

    We'll definitely be back!

    1. This is good news, indeed. Thanks! I've missed the old folks from Miki...

      Sanmi Japanese Cuisine
      3226 Geary Boulevard at Parker Street
      San Francisco, CA 94118
      (415) 668-7711

      Lunch 11: 30 am to 2pm Tues-Sat
      Dinner 5 pm to 9:30 pm Tues-Sunday
      Closed on Mondays

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        Here's the link.

        Sanmi Restaurant
        3226 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

      2. Just wanted to post to say that our family dinner of sansei, yonsei, gosei, plus our Chilean guest, ate recently at Sanmi and had a rockin' good time. The food was excellent and the service attentive. (We even got to park w/i a half-block of the front door on Geary!) We had tempura, gyoza, deep fried octopus, salmon, scallops and Yoshi sushi (chosen for sentimental reasons - I wouldn't eat this again). One odd slip was that we ordered "deep-fried" California roll, out of curiosity, but this never made it to our table. When pointed out at check-time, we were not charged.

        1. That is great news! Yet another local who used to eat there as a child. Thanks for posting this info.