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Aug 25, 2006 05:48 AM

Three Course Deal for $30 per

While driving home I heard on the radio Skates by the bay, Kincaids, Palomino, Scotts bar and grill, Horatios and some other Washington restaurant is offering three course meal for $30. More info can be found on the website below. It's good until this Sunday I believe. None of the restaurants mentioned above really interests me and the menu offerings are pretty much the same. Perhaps some hounds will find this deal interesting.

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  1. Here's a link to lawrence's report on the three course (non)deal at Palomino in SF.

    1. Re: pork, brined or otherwise. You know I've had subpar pork at Boulevard and Bacar. Kurobuta no less at Bacar. Rather puzzling. I think places are overcooking it.

      Any way, didn't realize all those places were a chain, but not surprised. I've been to Kincaids with a large group (14). It's a place you bring relatives from out of town, nice decor, no one will be wowed or offended, over-priced. They do serve large parties well however. Order something safe like prime rib.


      Any way,

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        I'd try Firefly's $34 three-course deal over any of those places, any day.

        1. re: ML8000

          If you find yourself at Bacar again, give the pork chop another chance. I had it last month and it was fantastic--definitely not overcooked.

          1. re: Jeff

            Yeah, I figured Bacar was a fluke since it was the holiday season and busy...still.

            Any way, the best deal in town by far, IMO, is the Monday menu at Chez Panisse. $50 bucks.

        2. Has anyone been to Le Charm lately, their 3 course is under $30 the last time we were there - close to perhaps a year ago - the appetizers and entrees were good but I remembered the desserts needed revamping or a new dessert chef!