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Aug 25, 2006 04:53 AM

Mughal, Fremont report (w/ pics)

B. and I went here for dinner 8/24/06 and ordered a bunch of stuff.

We waited a while but nobody came, luckily I had a take-out menu from when I stopped in once (but they were closed at 5pm) and had selected what I wanted.

Items we picked:
Lamb Seekh Kabab $2.75-ground lamb marinated in spices, broiled on skewers (2 pcs) per plate.
Chicken Tikka Tandoori-leg & Thigh $3.50-chicken leg & thigh marinated in spices, broiled in clay oven
Lamb/Goat Karahi $7.99-lamb/goat meat w/ tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onions & delicate spices
Pulao Zafrani $1.99-basmati fried rice w/ touch of Saffron
Garlic Naan $1.50

It took a good 20-30 minutes for food. They came out pretty quick after the first dish. We really liked the chicken tikka tandoori leg & thigh-very moist and tasty. The lamb/goat karahi was very good too. Garlic naan-nice and hot, chewy, no garlic taste at all. I'll probably get the plain naan since it's only $1 next time.

Bad: Lamb Seekh Kabab-too salty and mushy, and the Vegetable Jalfarazi was not very good. Potatoes not tender enough (hard even) and veggies tasted like frozen veggies.

Rice was decent. They didn't have Kulfi $3.49 tonight (Special blend of house ice cream frozen hard) which I heard was very good:

We had to ask for boxes for our leftovers and get it ourself.

With tip and tax $27

Food 4/5 stars
Service 1/5 stars

Mughal-All Halal Indo-Pak Food
4812-A Thornton Ave (In the Stereo City strip mall
)Fremont 94536
ph 510-792-4200
Open 6 days a week, Closed Tues.
Lunch 12pm-3pm; Dinner 6pm-10pm


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  1. mmm... nice report and great pictures! what camera are you using?

    the goat/lamb karahi looks really tasty and the naan looks extremely fresh. too bad about the other dishes and poor service. is this someplace you'd recommend for the value factor or no?

    1. It's a good value and the food is good, with some misses of course. I still recommend it. Just do take-out like Ruth Lafler did. Ruth-what did you try I always wondered?

      my camera is pretty old now, it's a Canon Powershot S45 digital.

      1. This is one of my favorite places in the tri-city area.. The chicken tikka masala is really good. You can tell the chicken was marinated and was real tikka as it still has some charred taste.. Also, the masala has a nice spicy kick that, and is less on the creamy side. I love the sauce.

        I also love their cauliflower and spinach dishes..

        I am usually disappointed as they are out of cauliflower, spinach and lamb quite too frequently.

        I'm also curious, as whenever we go in, it's always empty.. I'm concerned as I really enjoy their food and want them to stay around.

        Their tandoori plate is really great as well.. my mouth is watering just thinking about it all..

        1. What's that place off Fremont Blvd near Bhini's in Newark where they serve great Chaat?


          1. adding a link:

            Mughal Cuisine - may be closed
            4812 Thornton Ave, Fremont, CA 94536