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Aug 25, 2006 04:48 AM

[MSP] All foods at the State Fair (more or less)

My name is Anne, and I'm a compulsive list-maker. Wait - isn't this OCD Listers Anonymous? Whoops!

Well, as long as I'm here, I might as well share my list of food vendors that I laboriously compiled from the MN State Fair's food finder. They don't provide the full list on their web site, so I made one to take with me to the fair today. (PDF file


Disclaimer: The fair's information is absolutely riddled with errors and typos (which suprises me, because very little changes from year to year). I didn't fix any of the errors, and probably introduced a few of my own as I formatted and consolidated the information. Sorry about that!

Also, the list is 25 pages long, so I recommend printing it "2-up" (two pages to a sheet) and double-sided, so that you don't take more than 7 sheets of paper with you. Paper can be heavy if you schlep enough of it!

Enjoy, for what it's worth,

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  1. Anne, you're a riot. Only a true chowhound would compile a 25 page list of food items. Thank you for saving the rest of us the trouble. I'll be printing this out and highlighting everything "on a stick" because I'm truly obsessed with the "on a stick" phenomenon.

    As for you, I see one of the new items is, at Chicago Dogs, a dog with scrambled eggs; does that count as breakfast?

    I understand Mr. Iggers will be publishing his review of the "new" food items in Saturday's Star Tribune, so don't forget to look for that. I was going to point out here a few things I've decided I want to try from the list, but I can barely get past the first page because my list is already too long. :)


    1. If you're bored tonight, could you plug one of each of those into a nutritional calculator and figure out how many calories that would amount to? I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 53 trillion.

      Nice work on the list. I'm looking forward to getting out there.

      1. My girlfriend and I are taking the day off today and going to the fair. I decided to check the boards to see if anyone had posted anything about the food there and like mana from heaven your post was there. Thanks a bunch!

        1. Am going to the fair on Saturday and this will come in mighty handy. Thanks so much for putting it together.

          1. Anne, I just took a glance at your pdf and now I feel a bit queasy, but nevertheless I am very impressed!