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Aug 25, 2006 03:17 AM

Special Event in Miami

Our son is having a bar mitzvah next year and wants to use a Chinese Dragon theme. . . we want to do something fun in Miami-Dade county that's not the average banquet room. Any ideas?

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  1. Miss Yip on Lincoln Rd. does private parties. Food is good by Miami standard.

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    1. re: missem

      I've heard a lot about Miss Yip lately. I'm always interested in Dim Sum. Any idea how it is? Also,do they have a large private dining room?

      1. re: robingcox

        Miss Yip has a private room upstairs, but I'm not sure how many it holds. They have a website if you google.

    2. Robin>

      Does the event require Kosher food?

      Kikar Tel Aviv Restaurant
      5005 Collins Ave Ste C1, Miami, FL
      Tel: (305) 866-3316

      "Located on the first floor of a hotel, Kikar Tel-Aviv has an elegant dining room and a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. And like any kosher restaurant it has a mezuzah on its door and a mashgiach, or kosher supervisor, on hand to make sure that the laws of kashrut are followed. What makes Kikar Tel-Aviv unique, however, is that its staff is composed mainly of East Asians who have lived in Israel. "

      Read about this kosher Chinese Restaurant here:


      1. China Grill... or ....Tony Chan's Water Club overlooking Biscayne Bay in the DoubleTree Hotel, 1717 North Bayshore Drive, Miami, Florida, United States 33132-1180
        Tel: +1-305-372-0313

        I have never eaten there, but I heard it is very good. (perhaps someone who has could chime in here) A hotel location will provide your guests with easy access (read parking) and other ammenities not always found in restaurants alone. + should guests be coming from a far, they could always stay right there!

        This link will provide you with some reviews:

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        1. re: netmover

          I did an event at Tony Chan's and it was really nice. Forgot about that place.

          1. re: netmover

            I haven't been to China Grill in years. I used to love it, but I think their private dining room is too small. Am I right?

            Have never been to Tony Chan's, though I've heard a lot about it. Do they have a banquet room?

          2. you got to check it out...I'm just throwing ideas out there that seem to fit? As I mentioned, I have never eaten there. If they do not have a banquet room, maybe they could cater to one of the Double Tree's ballrooms? It is in the same building. Or, if your party is big enough, perhaps you can close it down for the night? Or take over a large section of the place?

            I know Canton caters for sure, and since they also own Sushi Maki, they may be able to offer Japenese dishes as well? That way, you provide the space and they show up with the flavors. They may have a banquet facilty as well? Which may have just the motif you're looking for?

            These events up can be stressful. Find the right place with the right cuisine, and you may even be able to enjoy it!

            Good luck...

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