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Help Me......Best Steak Dinner--TOTAL Package

I read reviews from CHs of both Mastro's (OC) and Cut. This got me salivating for a *serious* steak dinner/experience.

What do you recommend with the following criteria:

1.) Killer good steaks
2.) Out of this world "sides"
3.) Great Service
4.) Nice Wine List
5.) NO banquette seating


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  1. How far will you drive?
    What is your desired Steak of choice? Ribeye, NY, Filet, Tri Tip, Skirt, Culotte, Hanger? It makes a difference of where you should go?
    Nice Wine List? What does that mean? Lots of choices? Good Prices? Easy to read in the Dark?
    Banquette Seating , whats that? Never been to a Steak House that has it?
    Most Quality Steak Houses have a normal per person cost of around 100- ea because everything is A la Carte, it can even be much more? What are the $$ considerations?

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    1. re: russkar

      Drive: LA or OC
      Steak: Ribeye or NY (most likely)
      Wines: Quality reds NTE $60
      Seating: Not 18" from other patrons!
      Cost: No more than $300 out the door (for 2)

        1. re: russkar

          Without a doubt, Mastro's - outstanding sides, and a chef's cut, bone-in ribeye to die for.

          1. re: bobbyperu

            Agreed, Mastro's. However, at least at the OC branch, the big filet is superior to the ribeye IF you prefer your steak "charred-rare." The ribeye is too marbeled to do a Black&Bleu. INMHO.

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              Mastro's is good, but it does have substantial banquette seating and the tables are EXTREMELY close! Specify that you don't want banquette seating when making the res.

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                Tom Swift & mehfactor, would the OC location be better seating-wise IYO?

          1. re: jessiebelle

            I like Taylor's too especially their Molly Salad but they don't measure up when it comes to "Killer Steaks" or Great Wine List or great Sides.
            Even Morton's or the Palm is much better.
            Mastro's or Cut are probably the best in LA , easy to spend 100-200 per person, depending on Drinks and Food selected.

          2. Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena is also terrific.

            1. Jar seems to fit your bill perfectly (though we were a little close to the table next to us when we were there last week). The ribeye and sides are fantastic!

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              1. re: ITurnedOutTV

                I agree about the the delicious food at Jar! Even the sides are wonderful, such as fresh cream corn, yams and excellent potato chips.

              2. Agree with Mastro's. Haven't been to Cut yet. I like Nick & Steff's downtown. You really can't beat their sides. Best caesar I've had, made table side. Get the onion rings, if they have them. Last time I was there I had a kobe special that blew me away. Good luck!

                1. Agree with Mastro's and Nick & Steff's. Their sides constantly please. As for the steaks, each of these two has their own specialty, but both please me greatly.

                  1. Cut in BH. Bungalow in Corona del Mar.

                    1. i'm with mc michael. cut was phenom. and the bungalow! surprisingly one of my steaks in 2005.

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                      1. re: revets2

                        i mean "one of my BEST steaks in 2005."

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                          How is the seating at Cut?
                          (We don't eat at restaurants with too-close seating.)

                          1. re: Funwithfood

                            seating is quite spacious. the closest seating you'll get is in the booths where you will be back-to-back with someone. this seems to be the primo seat in the house, however, for four, i would prefer to be at one of the elevated tables over looking the dining room. the two top seating is my least favorite. the 6-top is the best because you have nice round tables.

                            so there's the pit, where the booths are and seem to be "the" table to have, but i rather like the tables to the left as you enter (i like to see the kitchen).

                            oh, or with my favorite waiter, who's name i won't disclose for fear he'll be in too high demand...but all the waitstaff we've had there was superb.

                            i put this question to other chowhounders who've been as it's really a matter of preference. p.ej., i don't care to see or be seen; i like to see the kitchen. where do you like to sit at Cut?