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Aug 25, 2006 02:16 AM

nice dinner at (415) restaurant in SF

We had a very nice dinner at (415) restaurant in SF.

Four of us walked in promptly for our 7 PM reservation on a Monday night and were seated immediately at a comfortable banquette. The place was mostly filled, so a reservation seems helpful. It might be noisy near the bar or in the tables in the middle of the room.

The service was excellent. We brought a full bottle and a half bottle of wine, and they provided the appropriate glassware. We opened and poured the wine ourselves (as we prefer) and they charged us only one corkage fee ($20). They have a nice wine list, I think, and an extensive sake list.

We eschewed the sushi and sashimi items, and ordered mostly "tapas" and "sides".

We had two chicken satay skewers ($3 each) and 2 salmon skewers ($4 each). Each skewer had several large chunks, perfectly cooked, with delicious sauces.
We had the Shanghai Bread ($9). This was a large circle of fried onion pancake, very crispy and flaky (but also oily). I'm glad we split it four ways. It came with an eggplant dipping sauce, really a thin soy-based sauce with bits of eggplant in it. This was not my favorite dish and I would not order it again.
The Cinnamon Chicken ($12) was a generous portion of boneless succulent dark meat chicken, stir-fried, in a slightly sweet cinnamon sauce.
Fried Rice ($5) was white rice with diced raw apple and wild mushrooms. Very tasty, not at all greasy.
Green Beans ($5) were dry-fried, with a black bean sauce.
Bok Choy ($5) was in a garlic sauce.
All the food was very tasty and well prepared, and was well-paced -- it came out one dish at a time. They gave us a change of plates mid-way, although there were no bones or shells to clean up!
This was plenty for us (one of us was a light eater). We skipped dessert.
If you are doing your arithmetic you can figure out that it cost $76 for four, after tax, including the corkage fee, but before tip.

The name of the restaurant (415) -- the parentheses are part of the name -- comes from the address:
415 Presidio (at California)


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  1. sounds very good, thank you for the review.

    1. I went to 415 a month or two ago with some friends. The decor is nice and the seats comfortable. We had tuna tartar, papaya salad, beef potstickers, chicken satay (very tender) and the green beans as well as some sushi. While everything was pretty good, nothing really stood out. I thought it was somewhat overpriced and the food breaks no new ground. Service was quite good as mentioned above.

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        I believe there has been a recent chef change so the meal you had may not have been under the same chef as Joel. But I couldn't tell you when the change occurred.