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Aug 25, 2006 02:07 AM

Miso in Toronto

Hi are there any Japanese Grocery stores other than Sanko on Queen, downtown. I am specifcally looking for the better quailty miso's that Sanko sells. I find Sanko to be overpriced and the last time I was there, they service charged me $2 for using my Visa on a $30 bill.Thanks

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  1. There's a place on Steeles east of Hwy 404 (in Markham) called J-Town. I've never been inside the place so I can't tell you if they have the brands you may be looking for. But their website says they have a number of services including a grocery store.

    This may be place to want to check out or research.
    I've pasted their url below.

    1. What are some names of better quality miso? I usually buy whatever I can find at Loblaws or T&T.

      Speaking of miso, the miso soups I've had at most restaurants seem to taste the same. Does anyone had outstanding miso soup in the GTA?


      1. Yes J-Town has a huge grocery store. But downtown there is a place on Augusta a few stores north of Dundas, called something like "Little Tokyo", which has a modest selection of groceries. Health food stores like Noah's would carry miso too, but may be more expensive.

        1. I second all the above, though the problem with J-Town and T&T is you have to get there - you might end up spending what you save. You might want to check out some of those "basement" grocers in downtown Chinatown too.

          Perhaps the secret is actually not the miso itself. I find when I make a killer dashi THAT improves the taste of the soup. Oh and try mixing the light dashi with a bit of the dark - makes it more interesting.

          1. i wonder what type of miso you are looking for?

            for the normal white/red miso, there's cheaper varieties in other places.

            but if you are looking for haccho miso, it's really expensive in Sanko but same in J-town and I cannot find it anywhere else.

            so it depends on what type of miso you are looking for.