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Aug 25, 2006 01:39 AM

Good Eats near Sutton Place Hotel on 21 E. Bellevue

Hi Chowhounds,

This will be our first visit to Chicago...and we'll be staying at the Sutton Place over the Labor Day Weekend. We are going to venture the streets of Chicage by CTA. (so places that are easy access by CTA would be great)

I've read all the recent posting...but don't really know in relationship to where we are staying.

So far on out list of places to go is:
Wrigley Field-get our hot dog before we head into ballpark
Navy Pier-want to check out fireworks that weekend? Any good bars to hang out at?
Jazz Festival-enjoy the people watching and good music.
River Cruise-admire the beautiful architecture
Magnificent Mile-window shopping
Greektown-prob Santorini

Off course...deep dish pizza! I'm thinking Giordano's or Lou Malnati.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. You are staying at my favorite hotel and there a lots of good places within a short walking distance. Here are a few that I have posted on my website - most also have map buttons:

    A great spot for lunch is LuxBar (directly across the street from the hotel) for burgers an fries. For breakfast, the "Original Pancake House" is next to LuxBar. Hugo's Frog bar and Gibson’s are also across the street.

    Nearest Redline (train station) is at the corner of Clark & Division (about 3 blocks). Here is also a link to the CTA Trip Planner - at night we prefer to take a taxi.

    Have fun in Chicago!

    1. "Navy Pier-want to check out fireworks that weekend? Any good bars to hang out at?"

      By the way, you don't have to be at Navy Pier to enjoy the fireworks. They can be seen in all their glory almost anyplace along the lake all the way south to practically the end of Grant Park (from the north, too, up to Chicago Avenue and probably beyond). So, you could have a leisurely dinner practically anywhere downtown and take a postprandial stroll afterwards to the lake. (Fireworks start at 10:15 on Sat. altho additional fireworks are also scheduled for 9/3)