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Aug 25, 2006 01:34 AM

Santa Monica - On/Near the beach Cocktails

Looking for a place on the beach in Santa Monica to partake in drinks and appetizers Friday afternoon. Thus far, the only recommendations my colleagues are able to furnish are Casa Del Mar and The Lobster.

We are looking more for ambience and great drinks.....with food coming in 3rd.

Any and all recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The Lowe's Hotel should offer a great view. Don't know about the quality of their appetizers.

    1. Fondue by any of the firepits is wonderful. Most of the rest of the appetizers are also great.

      1. If you like vodka, Voda (not sure if it's open in the afternoon though). If you want a good mint julep or Daiquiri or Ramos Fizz, Ivy at the Shore. Probably the best view is from the restaurant at the top of the Huntley on 2d Street.

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          Toppers at the Huntley is closed, they are re-opening after Labor Day. The view there really is one of the best in town.

        2. Ma'Kai! Very relaxing patio.....the food is a bunch of odd SEMI-hawaiian-themed bar food type things..I think...inexpensive bar menu and the food isn't HORRIBLE (but it is bar food)..sliders, fried avocado, things like that. Great bar menu for nice mixed drinks......chill polynesian/hawaiian vibe.

          their website is screwy on my computer.....who knows...

          Broadway and Ocean in SM....

          1. Nothing wrong with Casa del Mar (or Shutters for that matter, which is across the street). Ambience nice in both places. Views are great.