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Argentine in Manhattan?

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Zagat lists something like ten Argentine restaurants in Manhattan. Anyone have some experience to recommend one above the others? Don't mind paying for good food and quality wine but no interest in paying for trendiness and don't want to go anywhere a jacket would be the norm.

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  1. Azul would be a good bet. I did a full report on the place in May of last year and recently went back for a repeat visit. It was still outstanding.


    Their website - http://www.azulnyc.com/index3.htm

    1. I went to Industria Argentina last weekend, see:


        1. Nina's on 2nd Ave between 91st and 92nd serves Argentinnean pizzas.
          It's a cosy little place, very casual and affordable.

          1. I say Azul or Pampas (you can sit outdoors in the back).

            1. Bistro Azul and Industria Argentina have the same owners. I have been to Azul two times and really enjoyed my meal.

              1. Thank you all for your replies. Unfortunately, Azul was nowhere near we were staying and with the horrible rain over the past weekend from Ernesto we weren't feeling like a big expedition. Chimichurri Grill turned out to be just blocks from the hotel on 9th Ave in the mid 40s, I believe. It is an unassuming little place; very pleasant. Wait staff was professional and subdued. Empanadas were quite tasty to start with. Steaks (ribeye and "flattened" filet) were decent but not outstanding, I was expecting just a bit more quality for the money. The wine list was a bit limited but typical for a smaller place and had a few interesting options. Chimichurri sauce was nowhere near the best of those I've sampled. A side of creamed chard was quite good, as was desert of dulce du leche crepes (did I spell that right?!). To sum up, an attractive place in a lot of ways but lacking something in the two areas most key to Argentine-the beef and the chimichurri sauce.

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                  Another vote for Nina 91 / 2nd. Small place, very affordable. Great pizza and pasta. Try their tea.

                2. I think Pampa is a great deal especially for the price. The desserts are also terrific.