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Aug 25, 2006 12:31 AM

Shishito peppers--where else to try them

I don't think I've had them before, but have tried them at three different Japanese restaurants in the last week. They are small green mild peppers, roasted with soy sauce and topped with bonito shavings. And I am now addicted! Is anyone else eating them too? And where?

Beacon (Culver City): lightly roasted with lots of sauce (soy and ponzu, I think) and lots of bonito, I liked these the best so far.

Sushi Karen (Culver City): over-roasted, but they removed the stems, so it's even easier to pop in your mouth. A little greasy, bonito shaved a little heavy.

Shaab (Pasadena): lightly roasted, a bit greasy.

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  1. slacker -- I, too, am addicted to these small, mild peppers.

    Beacon is at the top of my list, but I also like the ones at Nanbankan. They are grilled with a secret spice shake and a secret slather of probably soy or sake or mirin???? I have asked, but they don't tell! Their smoky grill adds a lot of subtle flavor, so this might be my second choice; unfortunately, they don't serve them with bonito flakes.

    I try them whenever and wherever I see them on a menu! I am looking forward to other responses here to your search!

    1. Ita-Cho on Beverly has my favorite version of Shishitos. They are not overly greasy, a little bit crispy and full of flavor. We always have to get an extra order.

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        smogqueen - What else can you tell me about Ita-Cho? Is it a good destination for dinner?

        1. re: liu

          Ita-Cho is very nice for dinner. They have a lot of Japanese country-style dishes - some creative sashimi and a lot of interesting vegetables. It is fun to go there and order a bunch of stuff to share. All of their fish is very fresh and well-prepared. I also very much like their marinated lotus root, spinach/gomae and baked mushrooms. They have some kind of pork belly dish that I remember as very good as well.

          The service can be a little rushed and impersonal, but it is worth checking out.

        2. re: smogqueen

          I totally second that. And they have great food. Alway been one of our favorites!

        3. Ita Cho.

          Also "Sake House Miro" at 809 S La Brea (near Wilshire.)
          Very good there.

          1. You should double check (I've been on a grilled okra kick of late, instead of shishito) as pregnancy has dulled my brain as well as my taste for spice, but I'm pretty sure you can get them at Haru Ulala and Kokeokoko. Both in Little Tokyo downtown.

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            1. re: L nrs

              Yep, Haru Ulala has them, or did last October when I ate there. Tasty!

              1. re: ironykettle

                haru ulala still had them the week prior to christmas 2007, and they were FAB!!!!!! we had several orders.

              2. re: L nrs

                I had a special of these peppers stuffed with spicy tuna and then battered and fried tempura style at Haru Ulala a couple months ago. They were sooooo delicious.

              3. You should try the Japansese Korean BBQ's (e.g. Gyu-Kaku). You can grill and season yourself. :)