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Aug 24, 2006 11:59 PM

Had a great white wine in a restaurant from Pompeii, Italy...

But I can't remember what it was (not your basic chardonney or pinot grigio), but nice clean and crisp! I live in L.A., can anyone steer me in the right direction? And it was reasonably priced at the restaurant, so it must be a fantastic price retail if I can get it...

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  1. Hello, all of these are clean and crisp--the first two will be generally lower in price than the others, and all will be found in any shop with a good selection. Of course, you might have had something harder to find here. Tuscany: vernacchia di San Gimignano; Umbria: orvieto; Campania(close to Pompeii): greco di tufo, fiano di avellano; Umbria: grecante. If you think it was a 'local' wine, see what your trusted retailer(your area has a good number of decent shops, I've dealt with Wine House<LA> and Winex<OC>) recommends on the Campania examples, they can be quite good. cheers

    1. How about fallanghina from Campania?

      Fallangina are refreshing whites, goes very nicely with antipasti and seafood dishes, has that right amount of zestyness to it that reminds one of the Amalfi Coast, but imho has that restrained acidity that other Italian whites seem to abound with.

      1. If it was cheap, it was probably either falanghina or Lacrima Christi bianco, which is a blend of falanghina and coda di volpe.

        1. I don't think it's cheap on this shore, but look for white wines from Marisa Cuomo, Costa D'Amalfi. They do a wonderful Greco di Tufo, plus a lot of other indigenous varietals that produce crisp whites.