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Aug 24, 2006 11:47 PM

OC-Where should I eat this weekend?

I feel like going out to eat this weekend. Nothing too fancy, it's not a special occasion. I was thinking of trying Blue Coral, but I usually try to avoid new restaurants until they sort everything out, and I do not even know how much it costs. Maybe Roy's in Newport, Anjin in Costa Mesa, Wildfish in Newport? Newport Seafood in Santa Ana, but I think that would not be too good for only two people. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I live in South OC, so nothing much farther north than Santa Ana

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  1. Banderas or Landmark @ Corona del Mar

    My all-time favorite in Laguna Beach - 230 Forest AVe

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      Dear God! Do not go to Landmark. I refused to believe that it was as bad as I heard. It is.

      Banderas, Flemings, Quiet Women, Gulfstream and Bungalow are all better by far in the immediate vicinity.


    2. I would skip landmark. I've only heard lukewarm comments. Banderas is a great option and I had the pleasure of eating my friends left over ribs from their last week which were melt in your mouth tender.

      There have been some good reviews on Wildfish though I havent been.

      What about Zovs in Tustin? Not too fancy but still a nice meal in an upscale setting. Right off the 55 on 17th street.

      1. Avoid Landmark... Bungalow & Banderas are good. Gulfstream has excellent crab cakes (on Sat night), but I'm never that excited or impressed by the rest of the menu. I like Wildfish, but it is very loud & party central - which can be a good thing, depending on your mood. I still think the original Sage is the best place for fish in Newport. Bluefin is excellent in Crystal Cove. Certainly 230 Forest is great, but wait for the Pageant crowd to leave - ie. eat around 8ish. Cafe Zoolu for fantastic swordfish in Laguna. Zov's is excellent, but further than Santa Ana.

        1. Agorra Churrscaria for Brazilian meat in Irvine.

          Or Yardhouse. It's a restaurant chain, but the food is very good for a chain.

          1. Agree with everybody on Landmark; horrible. Bungalow is good for steaks. Also, Oysters in Corona del Mar is good for seafood. For sushi/sashimi, I'd definetly go to Bluefin by Abe in the Crystal Cove Promenade. Nesai in Newport Beach is a small place with excellent food; we love their pork tenderloin and boneless short ribs.