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Aug 24, 2006 11:44 PM

dessert- where to go?

For a really really great dessert? We just ate at Range and Farallon, where else do you go?

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  1. Jardiniere had a great chocolate sampler plate for dessert when we were there last year.

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      That platter really is a fun dessert. Not everything is amazing, but everything's good and a few of the choices really stand out. It's a great thing to share. I think my friend and I had at least a dozen little treats to share, and a few dessert wines to choose from as well.

      Piperade, Zuni, and Delfina all have great desserts if you're looking for a place to eat dinner. Canteen, as much as I love it, seems to stand out as being weak in the dessert arena.

      Souffles make great desserts. Drop in on Jacqueline's after the dinner rush and have a fresh fruit souffle. Or go upscale and sit at the (tiny, four person) bar at Fleur De Lys. Personally, I like the souffles there better than Jacqueline.

      Creations Dessert House has Hong Kong style desserts, which are heavy on fruit and devoid of dairy/chocolate.

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        The chocolate sample plate sounds fantastic. Can you describe some of the items in the platter and what wines they recommend to pair with them. Thanks.

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          Lucky for you, I'm a note taker. Here's every dessert we ate. The wine was a Brachetto d'acqui, so it was fizzy and sweet and very grapey. I love Brachetto.

          I remember the sampler being around $15, but I could be wrong. It wasn't very expensive.

          We shared a bonne bouche (does that mean "happy mouth"?) platter, which consisted of this stunning array of tiny treats:

          Spearmint Pot de Crème: I loved that this was made with real spearmint, not peppermint. It was a creamy spearmint custard topped with a layer of dark chocolate and a dollop of whipped cream. The lacy cookie on top was made with chocolate and crushed coffee beans.

          Opera Cake: layers of cake and chocolate ganache.

          Petite Tarts (one lemon, one cream): the lemon tart was delicious. Some might call it too tangy, but for me it was perfect.

          Cookies: the poppyseed lemon cookie was flaky and crunchy, the peanut butter Parisian macaroon was a little too crunchy for my taste, the chocolate sandwich cookie was a bit dry, and the coconut macaroon was chewily to die for.

          Fruit Jellies: I've never been a fan of gummy candies, but this was really nice. Subtle pear flavor, finely ground sugar, and melt-in-your mouth texture.

          Chocolate Truffles: one was just plain dark chocolate. The other was dark chocolate and walnuts enrobed in which chocolate. I liked the second better.

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            Thanks for the reply. Looks like you had the dessert sampler platter and not just the chocolate sampler...nevertheless, great assortment.

    2. The vacherin at Coco500 - meringue, chocolate and almonds.

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        I second Coco500 for their vacherin and let me add Zuni for their chocolate cake

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          I'll third the vacherin; I can't believe I forgot it.

      2. I've never been disappointed at Citizen Cake, usually I go for lunch or only for dessert

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          I TOTALLY second citizen cake! I've been for dinner too and I had a good time. There is also Bar Tartine - and while I've never been, I'm sure their desserts are similar to what they sell at the tartine bakery and I am slightly obsessed with the bakery!