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Aug 24, 2006 11:39 PM

Fatburger Coming to My Neighborhood

I live in the Pacific Northwest and the first Fatburger will be arriving soon. Is this a good thing? Or just another chain to avoid?

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  1. As far as national burger chains go, they're one of the best. When I go, I usually get a Fatburger (they have three sizes, the 1/4 lb. Baby Fat, the 1/3 lb. Fatburger, and the 1/2 lb. Kingburger, all of which are available as doubles, and if you down an entire Triple King they take your picture and give you a bumper sticker to commemorate the occasion), cooked "on the char" (they have a charbroiler, if you don't specify on the char then they cook it on the regular griddle), with everything on it, plus cheese, bacon or chili, and a fried egg. Trust me, if you haven't tried it before, GET THE FRIED EGG. I usually get fat fries (big steak fries on the side) but their onion rings are great, and a lemonade to drink (or one of their absolutely perfect shakes if I feel like I don't already have enough calories on my plate with that monstrosity of a burger).

    It wouldn't surprise me if you have a local place that makes better, but Fatburger is certainly worth a try at least once. I should note that Fatburger is not the most consistent of burger chains; some of the locations are just ok, other ones are pure burger bliss.

    1. We have one in my hometown now. Didn't know about the "on the char" request, will have to try that.

      I think that the burger actually tastes like a burger should if it is cooked at home or at a decent sit down restaurant.
      I'm not sure about the prices in the U.S. but up here in Canada a KingBurger Combo with onion rings is $10! A little pricey if you ask me.

      They don't have the Fat fries up here either, just the skinny ones (yuck).

      As far as fast food burgers go - My vote goes to an In-n-Ou Double Double "animal Style"

      1. Good advice so far and go for the onion rings... they rule!

        1. Another fan of Fatburger here. I like mine done the regular way on the griddle, as I'm not a fan of charred burgers (on the odd occasion I actually make burgers at home, I fry them). The outsides get kind of crispy, as opposed to In-n-Out burgers which I think are slimy, but I'm not at all a fan of In-n-Out.

          Fatburger's onion rings are my favorite onion rings, except for the rings at Burger Bar in Las Vegas. One order comes with about 8 or 9 nice-sized rings. My husband really likes Fatburger's bacon and egg sandwich - comes on a hamburger bun w/hamburger condiments.

          1. I am another Fatburger fan. As JK said, you MUST get the fried egg on your burger. It just goes so well with the mix of condiments.

            While I like their fries, I really love their onion rings and everything is always hot and fresh (at least at the locations I ahve been to).