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Aug 24, 2006 11:38 PM

Chinatown Recs, Please?

Hey everyone! I've just set up a tour of the Chinese American Museum on October 15 and would like to take everyone for lunch afterwards in Chinatown. I've already been to Empress Pavilion, Asian Noodles, Ocean Seafood, Golden City and Mandarin Chateau, Chow Fun, so I'm looking for something new. Preferably, the restaurant can take recommendations and can handle a group of between 10 to 20.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. There's nothing new. You've been to the best of what can be considered the best in LA, Chinatown...make your choice from them.

    1. Sam Woo, now spelled Sum Woo, I think. Upstairs in that plaza next to Ocean Seafood. Great authentic fresh-woked Cantonese food. No problem accommodating your group.

      Don't go to the Sam Woo "Cafe" directly across from it. Totally different.

      1. I guess there could be a problem with timing, since Sunday afternoon is a prime time in Chinatown, particularly for dim sum. One possibility might be CBS Seafood, which while it serves dim sum and is typically very crowded on Sunday, has one or two private rooms, which you might be able to reserve with advance notice.

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          Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to go with CBS Seafood. :)