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Aug 24, 2006 11:37 PM

Hatch green chilis in OC?

The thread a couple of weeks ago about Hatch green chilis at Big Saver and Max Foods got me thinking...Has anyone seen them in OC? I have a neighbor from New Mexico that mail orders them occasionally but I'd be his shero if I hunted and gathered some locally.

I'd even go on a field trip to Montebello if I knew for certain they'd be there.

Mmmm...Hatch green chili rellenos. The BEST!

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  1. Try calling your local Albertsons to see if they have Hatch Green Chilis.

    I live in Marina Del Rey and last week, I bought some Hot Hatch Green Chilis for $0.99 per pound at my local Albertsons (at Washington Blvd and Lincoln Blvd).

    1. Try Bueno foods - directly from Hatch, but still from New Mexico, and pretty darn good. They'll ship direct to you...

      1. You missed the Big Saver weekend sale last weekend in Santa Ana, of course you would have to buy a 30# sack...
        This weekends Big Saver Hatch Chile sale is in La Puente.