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Aug 24, 2006 11:25 PM

Calgary Restaurants - Need feedback !

Im going out for dinner on Saturday night (in Calgary, AB) and I have two restaurants in mind. One is the Garlic Clove on 4th Street SW and the other is The King and I on 11th ave SW.

Any feedback would be great....How's the food and the service ?

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  1. I actually like the Antonio's Garlic Clove a lot. It's a small, intimate place, with pretty solid food at decent prices. Their butter chicken pasta is awesome, as is most of their heavy garlic dishes. It's much better than That's Aroma in Edmonton. Service is friendly.

    I detest the King and I. Same as chain in Edm, and Vancouver i believe. Overpriced, watered down, bad thai food. Service is spotty at best - very inconsistent.

    Occasion? Are you open to other suggestions?

    1. If the Calgary outlet is anything like the Edmonton version of the The King and I, I am with Yen.

      Apart from the Moluccan clams in a great hot sauce that they had at their first location east of the tracks in Old Strathcona before it burned down, little has impressed me.

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        apart from yen's advice always being good, I can attest to the blandness of the King and I. Go for the garlic.

      2. Antonio's Garlic Clove is a smoking establishment. There is a big smelly 'under 18 not allowed" sign in the door and I have twice walked by and seen the owner (or some other greaseball) sitting at the table closest to the window, puffing away and adding to what must be wonderful ambience. I will never set foot in there.

        King and I is a joke. Enbarassing.

        Cupcake, you have GOT to have better option than this! Why are you limited to one smokey joint and one overpriced one?