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Aug 24, 2006 11:20 PM

Sea Food on Main Street S.M?

I've got a anniversary dinner (21 years!) tomorrow. I'm thinking The Galley since even though I was born here and have lived on the westside for over 40 years, I've never been there. What I would like though is an alternative choice for sea food on Main Street. I used to go to Enterprise Fish Co but either it or my tastes have changed. So then, what else is on Main St. that's good for sea foods? If it helps, we're more into classic than fusion and not too spendy as in $100 or less for two light drinkers.



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  1. This isn't on Main St. and I haven't tried it, but I have heard good things about the seafood here - Le Serenata De Garibaldi on 4th St. right across Border Grill. Looks like their website is being redone, so I couldn't check menu prices. I don't remember them being outrageous when I perused the menu sometime back.

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      We've already been to two of the other La Seranatas. We'd really like to stay on Main St. or maybe Abbot Kinney.

    2. I actually really like Enterprise but only for the Cippino. I think it's a good value and you get lots of seafood. But I do find service slow and the restaurant very loud.

      1. I haven't been in a long time, but what about Chaya Venice?

        1. Chinois for the catfish, the rock shrimp small plate, and daily fish specials. Or Ocean Ave. Seafood a few blocks to the north.