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Aug 24, 2006 11:15 PM

Roy's Hawaiian-Woodland Hills on Topanga?

I've only dined here when it first opened and enjoyed it. Its been a while and I would love some suggestions starting with appetizers, main course and dessert.

I do remember a rib appetizer which was amazing and I had a terrific fish entree?

Would love to hear more suggestions even on specialty island drinks or martinis?



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  1. I am not a fan of the tiny ribs, but their crab cake was sublime. I don't know if it was baked or fried, but it was scary good. Big lumps of plump sweet crab held together by what appears to be, well, nothing. It has a slightly spicy sauce on the plate and a pink dust, which I was later told is a dried plum powder.

    As for drinks, the mai tai! Best I have had without Hawaii sand between my toes.

    1. They have a Kobe beef style sushi app that is great. Thin slices of beef wrapped around a sushi roll that makes for a good contrast of cool sushi with steak flavors.

      I tried their recommended butterfish but was disappointed that is was overcooked. Make sure you get your fish cooking style preference clear across with them to avoid disappointment.

      1. Like the PP said, the Lanailau Roll is really good. It's Kobe Beef wrapped around a crab, asparagus, and sprouts roll, and topped with a sweet sauce. I always enjoy the shrimp and scallop preparations as my entrees. The crab cake appetizer is also very good. My husband likes their ono entree and the butterfish.