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Aug 24, 2006 10:37 PM

MEATing (yonge and eg.)

Finally opened. Strolled past it today. Looks kinda sleek. Menu has loads of meat (strangely enough), divided into organic, game, poultry and others. Pretty pricy -- 47 for a bone-in tenderloin (think it was 14 oz.). Decent selection of game; boar chops, ribeye, some other stuff. Looks from the menu as though sides are strictly a la carte. Considering that there's no parking and that the location's a couple blocks north of eglinton (i.e. not a lot of walkup crowd -- and probably a little pricy just to drop in as you're walking by anyway), don't know how long it'll last (at least without a major revision), so get there soon if you're a game fan.

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  1. 'Boar Chops'?! Never had it, but it sounds quite tasty!

    The location is a bit of a deterrence for me, though.

    1. I've been meaning to check this out. Just a few blocks north of the Eg. subway, no?

      1. I believe they're owned by the same people as C-food. They also have some of the C-food menu on their menu. With the high prices I think they are going for the same crowd that goes to C-food.

        Any1 know if they get their meat from up the road, The Butcher Shop?

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          Check out this thread about MEATing. They are owned by the C-Food/Bloor Street Diner people and their reputation isn't very good. See below:

        2. The original comment has been removed