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LA Foodie in Montreal for Weekend--Suggestions?

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I have three days in Montreal and am would love any suggestions about where to eat while I'm there. Fancy places, dives, off-the-beaten track; whatever you think is worthy of being recommended in your famous city. . .

Thank you. . .

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  1. Au Pied Du Cochon if you like Foie Gras. The whole menu is foie gras and pork.

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          And bison. And seafood in season.

          While there's lots and lots of foie and pork on the menu, it's not fair to say it's *all* those two things.

    1. Have you read through the many recent posts on this subject?

      1. My choice would definately be La Montée de Lait or a new restaurant on St-Laurent called Robin des Bois, great bistrot food and all profits, even tips go to local orgs.

        1. If you're a steak man, you need to try Moishe's. I'll put it up against most steakhouses in the states and I have been to almost all of them.

          You also need to try Lucca for italian.

          And the obvious for all Montrealers, but if you have not yet been to Milos, its a must. (Seafood & market fresh foods done greek/med style.)

          1. Actually, that list is for dinner...make sure you try Beauty's Diner for brunch (just good old fashioned big gressy beakfast that feels great the next morning) as well as a stop into the famous Schwartz's Deli for a smoke meet sandwich.

            There is lots more, but you only have three days, so you should try some of these famous spots. Just be sure to come back next summer.

            1. you should try BYOB restaurant le P'tit plateau. Great duck confit . Actually, everything is delicious