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Aug 24, 2006 10:24 PM

Best Sandwiches in Montreal

The absolute best sandwiches in Montreal are to be found in an unobtrusive little place called Santangelo's. It's just south of Sherbrooke on Guy, near the Guy-Concordia metro stop. My absolute favourite is the Porchetta on Ciabatta, though any I've tried have been delicious. The meats and pickled eggplant (this stuff is so addictive) are all homemade.

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  1. there's a very nice and virtually empty coffee shop on bernard and hutchison called Cafe Autre Monde. They specialize in fair trade and organic coffee, products and food. It is always slow in there but the two owners are the nicest shop owners on the block and they go out of their way to treat you with the best possible service and give you the best possible experience. they make a fantastic cup of coffee and they also have a whole assortment of original sandwiches made with the freshest possible ingredients. I highly recommend everyone support this place because it is truly unique.