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Dinner between San Diego and Anaheim

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My S.O. and I are driving from SD to Anaheim on a Sunday night. Any reommendations? Prefer north of La Jolla. Cusine type isn't critical. Will consider any price range. Something unique to the area (we're in town from Grand Junction, CO!). Maybe a view? Any ideas are much appreciated!

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  1. 230 Forest in Laguna Beach. You can do the Sawdust Festival if you have an extra hour or so to spare...or just simply walk the area.



    1. If u want any good cuban food.Theres a good little cuban place in oceanside right off coast highway (1001 S Coast Hwy). There really good and reasonable plus its alot of food. Thats always a plus! its the only cuban restaurant i know of till u hit anaheim. In anaheim u can find cuban petes.

      1. 21 Oceanfront by the Newport Pier in Newport Beach. Great food and a view of the ocean.

        1. I can second the recommendation of 230 Forrest, but Laguna Beach will be crowded if they are having the Pageant of the Masters that night - either go after 8 PM, or make sure you have a reservation! There's no view at the restaurant, but the location is very scenic. It's one of the best restaurants in South OC. You could also stop in North County - Poseidon in Del Mar is pretty decent. If you have a chance, stop by the wine bar at the top of the Plaza Del Mar for a drink and watch the sunset.

          1. Thank you all for the ideas. We'll talk about it and choose one. I do like the sound of a wine bar with a view of the sunset!!

            1. When I went to Disneyland a few weeks ago, I asked the concierge at the hotel what the nicest place to eat dinner in Orange County was, regardless of price. She had to look in her computer, and said "The White House".

              I've never been there. It's near Disneyland.

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                I'm surprised she recommended THEE WHITE HOUSE over NAPA ROSE.

              2. Restaurants in this area are not known for thier view unless they are on the coast. I can recommend Claes at the Hotel Laguna for both a spectacular dinner and view. It is a very modern, elegant setting right on the beach, offering exceptional seafood. They have a respectable wine list. If the weather is right, sit on the patio for what is probably the best Southern California dining around. Don't even think about parking in Laguna, use the valet at the hotel. Its comped by the restaurant.

                1. i don't know if this belongs on the California board.

                  the greatest view is at George's at the Cove in la jolla. three different venues (casual, bar, formal dining room), one restaurant, all the food and service is pretty phenomenal.

                  the view of the cove is breathtaking.

                  buen provecho and safe driving.