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Aug 24, 2006 09:44 PM

Almond Croissants with MAXIMUM almod paste; where in town

Saw a post in regard to the Wien whatever-its-called bakery in K-Town, in which reviewer said she was OK with almond croissants without a lot of almond paste.


So, if I don't want to go further west than Western, or further East than the river, or further north than the 134, what's the best source for an almond croissant which is, say, 90% almond paste and 10% bread, or as close to it as I can get?

r gould-saltman

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  1. La Spaghettata (formerly TOP Bakery, formerly Traditions of Provence Bakery) sells such things at most farmers' markets. That said, the croissants either aren't very good to begin with or don't travel well -- they're always kind of, well, mushy. Flaky, sure, but greasy and mushy.

    They do scratch an itch, though, and I can crisp them up a bit in the toaster oven which does wonders for them.

    1. How about the almond croissants at Back Door Bakery. It is NOT 90% almond paste but it is a VERY good flaky croissant.

      You could always see if they can make mini ones for you with more almond paste.

      1. I remember having posted that a few weeks ago...

        For croissants that actually have a discernible almond flavor, do NOT go to any of the following:

        Wien Konditorei und Cafe (Ktown)
        Susina (Mid-Wilshire)
        La Maison du Pain (umm...south of Mid-Wilshire?)
        hmm...yeah, probably not Figaro Cafe either-- they probably use almond meal without adding any extract or something. Whatever it is, the croissants don't actually TASTE of almonds. (Los Feliz)
        La Provence (BH)

        All I have to say about it is that I miss La Duree. *sigh*

        Let me know if you find anything. If nothing comes up, you could always just get a tube of Odense almond paste and smear it on the croissant before sticking it in a toaster/oven...?

        1. I recommend La Dijonaise in Culver City. They have terrific almond croissants. They are flaky with just the right amount of paste.

          1. the almond croissant at Bread Bar on Third Street (w. of La Cienega.across from Cedar Sinai hospital makes a fantastic almond croissant. It does not meet your 90/10 ration, but it is delicious. It is the "flattened" type, like in Paris.