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Aug 24, 2006 09:37 PM

Where do you buy your Mexican groceries in Canada?

Locally, or online?

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  1. Kensington Market, Toronto

      1. While local sources for Mexican groceries are on topic for this board, all online sources are discussed on our General Topics board. There's already a thread started there so if you've got a website tip, please head over there to add your recommendation: Online tips posted here will be removed.

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          It's because it's a very much Canada-centered question - I only want online stores located in Canada.

        2. I have bought some Mexican items at Price Chopper and of course at St Lawrence Market

          1. It seems easier at times to find Spanish or Portugeuse ingredients than truly Mexican ones. I know for a fact that cotija cheese is illegal to import into Canada to be sold at markets due to pasteurization issues, all a charade. In Vancouver there is a little market at the Lonsdale Quay that has some canned goods from Mexico and other Central and South American countries. That is about it.
            We moved to Vancouver from LA and it was hard going without tomatillos. You order a burrito at a Cali style mexican (so not really authentic anyway) restaurant up there (sometimes all there is) and they serve you an enchilada. Someone should open up a roaming fish taco roach coach. Maybe that will be me in my autumn years.